Complaint of $ 500M divorce after ‘temporary quarrel’ with George Clooney

Is George Clooney And Amal Clooney Off on a divorce? A report says that Amal is spending unnecessarily to keep George interested in her. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Clooney has become Luni for Amal’s sexy new look’

According to National Investigator, Amal spent a total of $ 3 million on makeover to end her feud with George. She apparently wants to avoid the $ 500 billion divorce. One source explained, “Amal believes that all the fights have put their marriage on the brink and removed all the stops to create a stunning new image. George heels head for him once again!

Recently appearing in a new outfit with dramatic makeup, Amal is trying to revive her wedding passion, even hiring a force of stylists, trainers, plastic surgeons and makeup artists to keep her body in tip-top shape.

The Clovis fought incessantly with the lockdown and Amal was worried about their longevity. “Amal began to fear that he was too harsh on George and felt an emotional distance between them. That’s when he decided to leave at any cost to bring her back,” a source said.

How are George and Amal Clooney?

The Investigator Indicates that Amal is now looking significantly different than before. The only solid proof of this is Amal’s recent trip to New York City. She certainly looks stunning in a mere red dress, but she always looks exactly the same as she has. If he spent 3 million, an unimaginable number for a change, you probably wouldn’t know.

George and Amal are not on the verge of divorce. If you’ve had an interview with George in the last three years, you’ve heard that he’s talked about his wife. They are absolutely satisfied. Last July, the deadline where these outlets claimed they had separated, the Clooney was partying in Italy. The details of this story are in direct conflict with reality.

Clooney gossip loads

This is the same tabloid that tried to discover a love triangle between George, Amal and Julia Roberts. Like Amal, Julia has been happily married for some time. The Investigator George also claims he is losing his conscience in quarantine and is fighting with his wife. This is not just an incident, because he is happy with his family. The tabloids should really leave the Clooney alone because no drama can be found.

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