Cooper Noriega, the beloved TikTok Star, has died at the age of 19

Cooper Noriga, a popular star on the popular social media platform Tic Tac Toe, died on June 9, according to Corona files obtained by multiple news sites.

He was 19 years old.

The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene in a Barbank parking lot on Thursday evening, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Corona said Friday afternoon.

Cooper Noriga

The cause of death has been suspended, meaning “after an autopsy, the cause of death has not been determined and medical examiners are requesting further investigation.”

“Once the tests / studies are back, the doctor re-evaluates the case and determines the cause of death,” the spokesman added.

Hours before her body was discovered, Noriga posted a video of herself on her TikTok account, in which she wrote:

“Who else thinks they will!

Cooper n

Earlier this week, Norigao expressed a desire to talk about mental health online, as he opened up about his struggles with addiction that began at the age of nine.

“I want to use the influence that has been given to me to create a place to spread awareness about mental illness and to normalize speech,” she wrote on Instagram on June 6.

“My goal is to finally open a rehabilitation where people don’t get hurt at the end of their recovery and where staff meetings are faithful people.

“One of the things I’ve learned while fighting addiction is that being surrounded by negative people will only bring you down.”

Noriga writes

He continued as follows:

“That’s why the purpose of this disagreement is to bring us all together and create a safe place where people can help others in their difficult times.”

A GoFundMe page has already been created to help Cooper’s family pay for the funeral and to honor his “dream of helping people with mental health and addiction.”

“Cooper had many goals for himself,” the organizer wrote, hoping to “open a rehabilitation center” and help “people of all ages around the world.”

“You will be missed, dear Cooper, you are very dear! You stay in peace,” the message ended.

Cooper n Fig

Soon after Noriega’s death was confirmed, loved ones mourned online and shared their favorite memories of the TikTok personality.

“My heart aches,” Blake wrote in the comments section of Gray Cooper’s pinned Instagram post.

“It doesn’t seem real. Please tell me it’s not real. You have always had the most positive energy wherever we are. Rest easy coop.”

Digital creator Taylor Caniff added: “Rest in peace. I still have a stop for you on my couch. Ima make this rehabilitation in your honor.”

Most recently, Barista BFFs with Noriega Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Brie Chickenfree appeared on the June 1 episode of the podcast.

“Destructive news,” the show wrote on Twitter on Friday evening. “RIP Cooper Noriga. Life is fragile. Enjoy every minute.”

Cooper Noriga, peace be upon you.

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