Could Ellen DeGeneres’ first guest be her final guest?

Ellen DeGeneres She’s getting ready to shoot the last few episodes of her long-running talk show, and she’s getting a lot of her celebrity friends to help her say goodbye. One of those friends, Jennifer AnistonIt has been there since the beginning.

Aniston’s history with the show

The first episode of DeGeneres’ talk show aired in 2003 and featured an Aniston appearance. It has just been announced that the actress will return to the show for the very last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air on May 26.

Aniston is not the only big name appearing in the last episode. He will be joined by P! Nk, who wrote the theme song for the show, and Billy Ilish 6 The last week of the episode will be filled by many friends of the show, ranging from prominent actors to Grammy Award winning singers.

Other stars and friends who will appear on the episode

Jack Efron, Kate McKinnon, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Shawn “DD” Combs, Luke Bryan, Kerry Washington, Brad Paisley, Julia Lewis-Dreyfus, Oprah Winfrey, Mila Kunis, and Mars.

DeGeneres will also welcome a pair of cousins ​​who rose to fame after appearing Ellen. In 2011, Sophia Grace and Rosie went viral with a video of their lip-syncing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bus”. Their performances on talk shows made them stars, and cousins ​​often returned to the show to interview celebrities such as Taylor Swift. Katy Perry.

Did a toxic workplace report blow ‘Ellen’ off the air?

The comedian announced Ellen DeGeneres Show It will end in May 2021 after 19 seasons While DeGeneres maintains that the end of the show was something she had been thinking about for a while, many point to the rumors and reports of a toxic workplace as the reason DeGeneres chose to end things.

Designers discussed the taping of the final episode in an emotional Instagram post last month, writing, “Today we taped the final episode of The Ellen Show, which aired on May 26th. When we started this show in 2003, the iPhone did not exist. Social media did not exist. Gay marriage was not legal. We’ve seen the world change, sometimes for good, sometimes not. “

“But no matter what happened, my goal was to make the show a place where we could all get together and laugh for an hour,” he continued. “Being invited into your life is the greatest opportunity of my life and has brought me incredible joy. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. “

Although the last few years Ellen Surrounded by controversy and scandal, fans around the world are sad to see DeGeneres leave the television of the day.

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