Couples who sue for “flip or flop Las Vegas” have warnings for other homeowners.

People from all over the world dream of picking and attending shows like home renovation Property brother, Flip or flopAnd It’s love or list. However, some couples who have been to these programs are warning others about the bad aspects of this home makeover.

Couples have sued for code violations, property damage and more

With the help of trained contractors and decorators, your home has been rebuilt. Also the opportunity to be on TV. A dream seems to be coming true. Multiple families are currently embroiled in a legal battle with HGTV shows.

Paul and Mindy King are currently suing Property brotherThe production company claims that their house is now full of code violations and uninhabitable due to fraud, misrepresentation and faulty work.

Most couples who sue the show for promising to give them their dream home do so because they claim there are code violations, improper installments of equipment and cosmetic issues.

‘Property Brothers’ contestant: ‘We are stuck’

What makes it even worse for families is that, after spending thousands of dollars on these renovations, many of them cannot afford to move or move to a new home. Sharon and Gary Rosier, who appeared Reform my familyStill living on the show renovated property for them.

Among their many complaints were destroying a granary on the property and setting up bedrooms in the basement, which was flooded when it rained. “When things go wrong, they don’t stay for you, and then they get better. You signed the contract,” Sharon explained. “But we didn’t know what we were signing.”

The kings are in the same boat. Although they have enough money to cover legal fees while they continue to fight it Property brother‘Production company, can’t afford to go outside the family.

“We are stuck. The house is full of code violations, so we can’t grant bail, ”Paul said. “All they did was create a really nice studio to shoot their show.” However, some people have been able to settle their cases and get out of the situation.

‘Flip or flop’ couple: ‘We were lucky enough to survive’

Flip or flop Las Vegas The couple Billy Dunning and Brent Hawthorne settled their lawsuit against HGTV for undisclosed money and were able to buy a new home. “It feels like home at least now,” Hawthorne shared. “It breaks my heart that there can be others like us. We were lucky enough to survive. “

While all of these cases may seem frightening, these situations are very rare. There are hundreds of people who have attended home renovation shows and are completely happy with their homework. People who want to appear on the HGTV show can still dream about being picked for the show কিন্তু but should still be prepared for the possibility that things could go awry.

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