Craig Ferguson shared a heartbreaking message on his 60th birthday

Family and friends of the late comedian Bob Sejet The co-star celebrated his 66th birthday yesterday Craig Ferguson. The former late night host shared a touching message on Twitter about what the day means to him.

Ferguson is one of the many celebrities celebrating Sedgwick’s birthday

“Bob Segate and I always texted each other on our shared birthdays,” Ferguson wrote. “There is no text this year. Happy Birthday Bob, no matter where you are. ”

Candace Cameron Burrey, Sedgets The whole house The TV girl posted a picture of the actor with the caption, “I miss you. Still say happy birthday? I don’t know how it works, but I’m celebrating today even though my heart is hurting badly. “

Seagate’s longtime friend John Mayer also shared a touching message about the loss of the comedian on his birthday. “Happy birthday, Bob,” Mayer wrote. “We all miss you so much here.

“Even though the days go by without you, we still love and appreciate you, appreciating the love we have learned to share because of your example and the boundless joy you have always given to the world around you.” Singer-songwriter continues. “I just wish we had dinner tonight. I love you so much. “

Segate’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, commented on the mayor’s post, writing, “Love you John. And boy does he love you? And he wouldn’t like anything but dinner with you tonight and you two would get lost in a deep conversation when I was just entertaining the two of you… and then we all got a big order. [sundae] Or a plate of cookies when we plan our next dinner. You always joked that you were the 3rd wheel but then I would say that I always felt like the 3rd wheel on Bob’s dinner date with you;) ”

Segate’s widow: ‘I love you more than anything and miss you every minute’

Rizo posted a tribute of his own, sharing photos and videos of the couple traveling to Mexico a year ago. “You never know when things will end. But I am so grateful that he gave me all the love he deserved. I pray he can see the love he is receiving from all over the world today. Honey, everyone loves you so much. Everyone wants to know how important and special you are to your special day, and we all celebrate you. “

You are kind and you must have turned my world around, ”he continued. “I love you more than anything and miss you every moment. Your daughters and I will hold each other tight today. And I know you want to get me a martini tonight, so I’ll be compelled. Happy Birthday Honey. “

Segate died in January after falling into an Orlando hotel room and suffering a head injury. Although months have passed, it is clear that the comedian’s friends and family continue to mourn the loss of someone who meant so much to them.

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