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Mayim Bialik Hosted Danger! It’s been almost a year now, but the actress recently shared that she now feels comfortable running popular game shows and chatting with competitors.

Bialik says he’s hosting ‘more comfortable’

“You know, sometimes I’ll say something and I’ll be like, ‘How did this come out of my mouth and why?'” He said. Entertainment tonight. “But in general, that’s what happens in my life. So, I take it wherever I go. I’m definitely getting more comfortable. ”

Bialik shared that he found hosting responsibilities “a little easier” now, although hosting the game show “requires a lot of energy because you want every contestant to feel excited and special.”

Bialik ‘would love to’ host full-time

Although there are challenges, Bialik has also revealed that he is keen to take up the full time Danger! Hosting gig. “I’d love it,” the actress said when asked how she would feel to be the face of the show.

Bialik also mentioned that if she were a full-time host, she would be the first female host Danger! History “I think being a woman is her own sign,” she explained. “My grandparents were immigrants to this country and survived the Pogroms and World War II, so for me, being able to be a woman in two generations and being hosted in that iconic role blows my mind.”

So far, no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Although Bialik has been a presenter on the show for over a year, many viewers of the show have been harshly critical of his hosting style.

Bialik critics respond: ‘I’m doing my best’

For example, Danger! Fans blasted Bialik for referring to the opening round of the game as a “single hazard” instead of an “endangered round”. “I did it once,” Bialik said of the criticism. If it didn’t work out, they would tell me to do it again. “

“I rarely act alone. I promise, “he continued.” There are a lot of things we re-tape. We go back, I shake things. You see an edited version. So, it’s funny. When I saw it, I thought, ‘ But if it is not literally kosher, then there are one million producers and writers and researchers. ‘ They are all listening to me. “

“I will never do it again, even if it is in the script. I won’t say that, “said Bialik jokingly. “People cared a lot. I got it and I’m sorry. You all.” Although Bialik has received a lot of criticism for his hosting skills, it is clear that he cares a lot about the show and many are excited about seeing his host full-time.

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