Daniel Craig has been accused of splitting up after sparking career frustration

Is Daniel Craig Following a major career push to the brink of disaster again? Claimed a tabloid No time to die The star’s friends fear he will “sink his grief into the bottle.” Let’s take a look at one of the most beloved actors in Britain.

‘Crushed’ Daniel Craig going to ‘Bottoms Up’?

This week, National Investigator Daniel Craig is sounding the alarm about restraint. James Bond star failed to get Tony nominated for his turn as Macbeth on Broadway and sources say frustration could spiral out the actor. “The drama has been a reasonable financial success, but everyone knew that Daniel’s real goal here was to win some prizes and create a factor of his prestige,” an insider admitted.

“He put his heart and soul into the role and silently believed it was his turn to take the bow. But in the end, Sbnab means the production will be more memorable as a vanity project than the glorious launch of a new chapter for Daniel. It’s a huge disappointment, and everyone knows how Daniel handled it – hitting the bottle! “

The outlet cited an earlier report claiming that Craig had a serious drinking problem that at one point jeopardized his marriage to Rachel Weisz. “There’s a real concern that Daniel will try to sink his grief over it, and that’s the last thing he needs to do in his life right now,” Tipster spread. “He worked hard to be healthier and more entertained with his drinking, but this danger could send him to the edge very well!”

Friends worried Tony Snab will send Daniel Craig ‘Over the Edge’?

There are a lot of unpacks here. First, neither Craig nor anyone in his life had ever talked about his drinking problem. As far as we can tell, Craig’s alleged drinking is an invention of this tabloid, many years ago. In 2020, the outlet published a story claiming that Craig’s quarantine was causing a rift in his marriage. But then there was absolutely no evidence to support this story, and we are now in exactly the same boat. The publication seems to be confusing Craig for his famous boozy character James Bond, but, as far as we know, Craig has no problem managing his wine.

Moreover, we suspect that Craig was fishing for a Tony in his role Macbeth. The actor made his debut in British theater, and has performed in a series of major productions every few years since 1993. If he hadn’t crashed after his last two Tony Snap, we doubt this year would have been any different. And since Craig will be back in his widely acclaimed role Knife out For two more movies. It is clear that his career is far from lost.

More relapse stories from the tabloids

Although we can laugh at this story because we have no reason to believe Daniel Craig has a drinking problem, National Investigator Those with real addiction struggles have never been kind. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed that John Goodman’s health had failed due to his drug use over the years. The magazine further claims that Portia de Rossi was at risk of re-infection after the Ellen DeGeneres workplace scandal broke out. And the publication even complained that Robert Downey Jr. was on the verge of re-illness after suffering some devastating losses. Apparently, the Investigator There is no strategy to handle such sensitive issues.

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