Debbie Gibson gives health update after Lyme diagnosis

Debbie Gibson Sharing details about her fitness routine and updating fans about her battle with Lyme disease. The singer is back on the streets soon, and he wants his fans to know that he is back and better than ever.

Gibson shared his nutrition tips

In an interview with Dr. Hello!, Gibson discusses his diet, his workout methods and how he has worked to survive his Lyme disease. The singer has lost a lot of weight due to this condition, but Gibson says he is in a healthy place now.

“Nutrition is very important for what you look like and I don’t mean weight,” he explained. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t eat huge plates of food because my body can’t handle it. I end up with fatigue or pain or other unpleasant symptoms. “

“I want to tell you that I have all these desires with food. But vice versa. I like pizza and donuts, “Gibson continued.” I promote Dr. Kelly Ann’s bone broth because I’ve legally loved bone broth all my life. I have to find a way not to bomb my system. “

How she fits

Gibson also talked about how he stays fit for an exciting and energetic show every night for his tour and how his mentality regarding exercise and physical fitness has changed.

“I used to exercise extra,” Gibson said. “I would wake up and walk the stadium steps to LA and then I would swim and then do something else. I became addicted to the direction I was drawing and had to break out in a sweat. But I didn’t realize then that it was my adrenal ‘May-day’ screaming.

The star continued, “On stage, I will push my limits. But I don’t do extra exercise otherwise. I have a peloton to use whenever I want. But I do 10 or 15 minutes of low-impact work. Then I let my dog ​​walk, jog or do anything that seems to flow and fit into my life. “

Gibson: ‘I don’t subscribe to aging’

Gibson also talks about how to maintain his youthful appearance without the help of any cosmetic procedure. The singer joked that it was all “good light” and “great gene” but he also talked about his attitude towards the aging process.

“I don’t subscribe to aging perceptions,” he explained. “I think girls or women should feel as happy as they can. Who says you can’t wear what you want after 30 or 40? Where do these rules come from? ”

“I look at Cher and Tina Turner who have been ‘them’ all their lives,” Gibson continued. “There are some things that come with age that empower. You don’t have to prove things all the time and feel like you do. ” Gibson’s approach to aging and healthy living is inspiring, and fans can’t wait to see him on tour!

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