Demi Moore alleges Ashton Kutcher has caused trouble with Mila Kunis’ marriage,

Is Demi Moore Causes problems in Aston KutcherAfter years of their separation in private life? The tabloids will convince readers that there is still tension under the surface and that it is beginning to affect her marriage. Mila Kunis. Let’s check on this It’s a 70’s show alums

Ashton Kutcher blacklisted in Hollywood?

Late last year, New ideas Mila Kunis is reportedly looking forward to dating Reese Witherspoon as her husband is busy filming a new romantic comedy. Legally blonde Actress. But sources said Kunis was puzzled as to why he had not received an invitation from Witherspoon. “After digging something, Mila found out [Jennifer Aniston] Originally blacklisted them from his circle of friends, and had no choice but to read Reese’s line of choice, “said an insider. And obviously, because of how bad Kutcher’s past marriage to Demi Moore was, and his friends will never forget.

But there were a lot of red flags in this story. First, Jennifer Aniston famously befriends her own ex, so we suspect she’s outraged at her friends’ ex. In addition, Demi Moore maintains that she and Kutcher are “friendly” despite their divorce. And even if we ignore all the signs that Kutcher and Moore say in good terms, we are absolutely certain that no one is saying who Witherspoon was allowed to associate with.

Demi Moore is furious with the commercial?

Then New ideas Revealed that it was actually Kutcher that was still bitter about his divorce from Moore. Kunis recently teamed up with Moore to make a commercial film for AT&T, putting Kutcher in an awkward position. “That means he has to deal with more headlines to remind everyone of how he treated Demi,” one tipster insisted. “But he didn’t really say much because it was his wife’s idea.”

Of course, the mere fact that this commercial exists means Kutcher and Moore are probably in good condition. We seriously doubt that Kunis would do anything if it made her husband so uncomfortable, and yet the ad was filmed, circulated and everyone liked it. The magazine had the exact opposite effect as predicted, and everyone was excited to learn that Kunis and Moore had actually come together.

Mila Kunis was ‘close to walking out’?

Then All right! Moore’s 2019 memoir was reportedly a tough pill for Kunis to swallow, and sources claim it almost ended his marriage. “Mila told friends that things were so bad she was thinking of leaving Ashton,” said one Snitch. “She was about to walk out.” But the tabloids claim that they have been able to save their marriage with some intensive therapy. “Therapy ultimately taught them the importance of learning to forgive and forget – and to focus on the future, not the past.”

But we reminded readers that the tabloids have been trying to sell this description for years now, but it never came true. In 2019, just before Moore’s memoir was published, Kunis said that he and Kutcher had married them with 100 percent transparency. And after the book hit the shelves, Kunis and Kutcher joked about the rumors in a magazine claiming that their marriage was “over.” Despite the tabloid’s insistence, Kutcher’s marriage to Moore does not seem to have been a bad thing for him and Kunis.

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