Despite being the latest, Tiger Woods is not at risk of relapse after withdrawing from the game

Tiger Woods Struggling to find his form on the golf course after a leg injury. A rumor has it that he is at risk of re-infection because of it. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Take back the fear of tigers’

Per National Investigator, Woods’ poor performance at the PGA Championships has sparked fears among his friends about drug relapses. After a 12+ night in Tulsa, Woods announced that he was withdrawing from the US Open so that he could concentrate on recovering. “Tiger never left the tour, but the pain was so intense that he could barely walk or play alone,” said an insider.

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The experience presumably made Woods realize that his return was killing him. Insiders fear he may return to the painkiller that led to his 2017 DUI. One source concluded, “Tiger doesn’t want to give up his dream of becoming the all-time major champion, but the only way to manage the pain seems to be with those pills… unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster.”

Is Tiger Woods falling from the wagon?

It is noteworthy that Tiger Woods took part in the rehabilitation of his own free will. Following his 2017 arrest, Woods sought help for his prescription drug abuse. It was a mature moment, so naturally, Investigator Is using it to attack him.

There is nothing in this story. The golfer is trying to make the impossible possible. It repeats that Woods’ injury was catastrophic. The real fear was that he would never play golf again, but he forced himself to come back anyway. The fact that he is playing at all is a miracle, so what his score is really not considered.

It doesn’t matter to Woods. He is listening to his body and taking a few months off for rehabilitation. “My body needs more time for major championship golf,” he said. He is expected to return to the 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am in July. Rehabilitation of an injury for a month is not the same as painkillers.

Lots of wooden myths

This tabloid already runs this story. Last year, it was claimed that Woods would become ill again due to his injuries. It’s just re-reading the fake story he won to benefit from Woods’ decision to withdraw from the competition.

When it wasn’t that long ago Investigator Excessive woods hit for profit. It announced that Woods could suffer serious brain damage after a car accident. Although the crash was horrific, there was no indication that Woods had a head injury. In December, it was announced that Woods would never play golf again. That’s exactly what he did. Every step of the way this tabloid has proved is unbelievable.

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