Dipti Vempati claps on Instagram Bullis is mocking her look: You

Dipti Vempati became a favorite of fans during Love Is Blind.

But unfortunately, even favorite stars have to deal with trolls and haters on social media.

Throughout her entire season on the Netflix dating show, Dipti’s fianc Sheikh Chatterjee has made all sorts of rude remarks about her appearance.

Shake was not attracted to the brilliance, and for some reason, he felt the need to tell that truth to the whole world.

Brightness on Instagram

The result is one of the most crunchy-inspired stories in the history of reality television.

Completely failing to read the room, Shake continues to sneer at his partner’s appearance, disconnecting both the customer and the audience.

Dipti’s viewers had full sympathy for enduring this duphas, but it seems that some Instagram Ezlards have decided to follow Shake’s footsteps as a kind of cruel joke.

Shake and glow

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

He addressed the issue during Kyle Abrams’ recent appearance on Instagram Live.

“You guys, this is my real nose,” said Dipti angrily, accordingly! News. “Stop making fun of it.”

Dhemki and Dipti's wedding day

Kyle joked that he needed “a nose job” because he was apparently injured “in a car accident.”

Vampati smiled at Kyle’s rude attempt, but he insisted it was no laughing matter.

“That’s how I was born. I’m not changing it,” he told the camera.

Abhishek Chatterjee and Dipti Vempati

“Hold it. It’s my king’s face.”

Kyle then joked that Dipti had a “squishy nose” and introduced herself as his “biggest fan”.

Apparently, Kyle and Dipti’s friendship is close enough that he made a lot of concessions to her through such comments.

Kyle Abrams on Instagram

It was even rumored that Abrams and Vempty were dating.

Anyway, please don’t take a page from Abrams’ book and start commenting on the squishiness of Dipti’s nose.

The public humiliation that Dipti has been forced to endure is terrible, and the horror that Shake has inspired a force of trolls is terrible.

Dipti, shake on love is blind

Chatterjee has apologized for his comments on Dipti, but it would be a good time for him to follow through on the Thapoz comments, encouraging haters of STFU.

Unfortunately, Shake has basically made a career out of villains, so it’s less likely to happen.

Nowadays, Chatterjee has a new girlfriend and a new podcast called “Life is Blurry”, referring to the infamous “Love Vague” comment on the Libby Season 2 reunion show.

Shake Chatterjee at an event

We’d say Dipti should be invited to her podcast and try to fix things, but she’s gotten enough of that D-bag.

With any luck, Dipti will soon be able to move on from her experience on the show and find the love and happiness she deserves so much.

Fans love the idea of ​​Dipti and Kyle dating, but whether it really happens or not, we’re sure Dipti’s experiences with Shake only make her more aware of what she does and doesn’t want in her next relationship.

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