Does Hairmax’s laser comb really work? Studies say yes

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Once you reach the end of your 40’s, the odds of losing your hair are against you – whether you’re a man or a woman.

In women, thinning hair and hair loss are most likely after menopause. In addition, an estimated 30 million women are affected by androgenetic alopecia – and it can start in your teens.

This unfortunate reality has given birth to an entire industry dedicated to hair growth and thickening. Although there are effective products out there, everyone’s haircut needs are different. If you are struggling to see meaningful results with shampoos and supplements then this laser hair growth comb may be the solution you are looking for.

Follow science

HairMax is a technology company that offers hair restoration products করে using hair growth science and research — that provide low laser light therapy, or LLLT. Its product line includes a variety of portable devices that use LLLT to thin hair follicles to stimulate strong growth and counteract hair thinning and damage. These products support natural hair growth by increasing blood circulation and removing follicle waste.

One of these products is their Laser Hair Growth Comb, which has been verified by seven different clinical studies. This option allows you to target the areas that are most needed by providing powerful laser light on specific parts of the scalp and hair follicles.

Hairmax devices are FDA-approved and proven to work scientifically in practice, with an average of 129 new hairs growing per square inch after six months of use.

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The graphic Hairmax lasercomb features

New growth, healthy full hair in a week

All hairmax devices have been proven to be safe and effective for new hair growth and hair thinning. Studies have also shown that using laser hair growth combs will not cause any side effects. And the Amazon comments section supports these results.

“At 46, I was looking for something, something. I was a woman and my already thin hair was getting longer and I was embarrassed. I found this product,” one reviewer wrote. “I do not know if this is a miracle but I do [definitely] Notable new hair has sprouted, my hair is getting longer and fuller and thicker. It feels and looks fat. “

Hairmax products are recommended for adults over the age of 18 and the best results are obtained when treatment is started at the first sign of hair loss. The company recommends using the devices eight to 11 minutes at a time, three days a week to maintain hair growth.

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