Does Tom Cruise still see his daughter Suri? Their relationship today

It’s been a decade since then Tom Cruise Separation from his ex-wife Katie HolmesWho is the mother of his daughter Suri Cruise. Now 15, Suri was raised by her mother on the East Coast, fans think Top gun: Maverick The star has no recent contact with her. Did Tom Cruise see Suri? Here is a look at their complex relationship.

Suri Cruz was born in 2006

After dating for less than a year, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced that they were expecting their first child in 2005. World War The star, who already has two children from his previous marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, did not hide the fact that he was thrilled to be a father again. He was so excited that he told Barbara Walters that he had bought his own ultrasound machine for home use for Holmes.

The revelation shocked the medical community and may even be illegal, since in 2002 the FDA banned the use of ultrasound machines without a doctor’s prescription. We don’t know how often – if – Holmes used a sonogram at home to make the machine, and the couple reportedly donated the machine to a hospital once. Dawson’s creek They gave birth.

Tom Cruise (L) walks next to Katie Holmes in a black suit and tie combo, dressed in nude satin and carrying her baby
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leave the wedding party with their 7-month-old daughter. (Photo Elisabeta Villa / Getty Images)

When Suri was born on April 18, 2006, Tom was excited about the incident in an interview with the Press. “It was spiritual. It was powerful. It was indescribable.” Born on the 4th of July The actor said on ABC News show 20/20. “Can you use the word? It’s still something I’m processing and reviving.”

Towards the end of that year, when Suri was seven months old, Tom and Holmes tied the knot in a gorgeous Italian wedding. The couple, dubbed “Tomcat” by the media, had been married for seven years.

Katie Holmes has received full custody of Surrey

Tomcat’s fairy tale love story came to an end when Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012. Many speculated (and Tom later confirmed) that Holmes ended the marriage, at least in part, in an attempt to save Suri from controversial Scientology. “Religion” Tom has been a part of it for over 20 years.

When the divorce was announced, Tom publicly admitted that he was upset about the end of his marriage. “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and concerned about her three children,” the actor said in a statement. People Magazine “Please allow their privacy.”

At the same time, the ex-couple made it clear that they planned to do whatever was necessary to protect their daughter’s best interests. “We are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in the best interests of our daughter Suri,” they said in a joint statement. “We want to keep things that affect our families private and show our respect for each other’s commitment to our beliefs and support each other’s role as parents.”

The ex-couple finalized their divorce in July 2012, after a settlement was reached by their lawyers. According to reports, Holmes was given full custody of Surrey, and Tom was ordered to pay $ 400,000 a year in child support until Surrey turned 18. . The Top gun The actor was also instructed to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment and education, among other curricular expenses.

How is Tom Cruise’s relationship with Suri like today?

Although Tom Surrey appeared to be an active parent when he and Holmes were married, he does not appear to have maintained a relationship with his daughter since the divorce. The The rain is human The star has not been photographed with Suri since 2013, and although he has the right to visit, sources speculate that he deliberately did not want to see his daughter because he is not a scientist.

Recently, however, rumors have been circulating that Tom is trying to return to his daughter’s good graces. Earlier this year, for example, it was reported that actor Suri had planned to buy a Tesla Model X for 16 90,000 for his 16 years.M Birthday, but Holmes didn’t allow it.

There were rumors that Suri was eager to see her father again and that Tom was trying to arrange a reunion with his daughter, but Holmes stopped short. According to rumors, the Commander-in-Chief The star doesn’t want Suri to spend time with Tom because he’s worried she’ll try to persuade him into Scientology.

Katie Holmes (L) crosses the street with Suri Cruz, wearing a black tank top and black face mask, wearing a gray graphic tee with jeans and a black face mask.
(Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images)

But those stories are all speculative — the fact that Tom and Holmes rarely mention Suri in the 10 years since their separation. She made an exception while walking the red carpet for her movie in Australia in 2017 Mummy (Which also starred Russell Crowe). When asked by Sydney Morning Herald If he thought his daughter would follow in the footsteps of his famous parents and become an actress, he replied: “You never know, you never know.”

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