Dolly Parton likes Taco Bell Mexican pizza so she’s singing about it

Fans around the world were thrilled to hear Taco Bell return Mexican pizza to their menus. One of those fans? Dolly Parton. The native superstar loves food so much, he even sings about it!

Parton’s new role in the Taco Bell TikTok musical

It was recently announced that Parton will join the cast Mexican Pizza: The Musical, A musical that will be streamed live on TikTok. According to a press release about the event, “Parton has joined Taco Bell’s biggest fans for a satirical musical about the ‘painful’ story of those who fought to bring back Mexican pizza.”

In a recent Instagram video, Parton showed off her own Mexican pizza. “I’ve been yearning for this moment for so long,” he said. “It’s finally here.” Parton opened the box and said, “Oh, look at that. It almost looks very good to eat, ”he says. “But I’m going.”

How Doza Cat brought back Mexican pizza

Doza will follow Kat’s “significant moment” in the journey and the musical to bring Mexican pizza back to the Taco Bell menu. The rapper is the one who announced that Mexican pizza is coming back to perform at Cochlela this year.

Doza posted a ticktale earlier this year with a jingle about how much he loves Mexican pizza, and it quickly went viral. Taco Bell later announced that they were bringing the menu item back to stores.

In addition to Parton and Doza, the musical will feature music and lyrics by Grammy Award-winning songwriter duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Beer, who famously wrote a song. Bridgeton The musical that blew up the video-sharing app.

Are there other TikTok musicals?

While this sounds like a crazy idea, it’s not the first live-streamed musical in the app. After a comedy video about Remy, the Disney movie rat Ratatouille, Has gone viral, people on the internet have quickly created a mis-music about the character People all over the world were shocked when a benefit production of the show starring big names like Titus Burgess, Wayne Brady and Adam Lambert was staged.

Fans of Parton, Doza and Mexican pizza don’t have to wait long for show-or-food items. Mexican Pizza: The Musical It will premiere exclusively on TikTok on May 26 at 8pm EST. Mexican Pizza Now Available at Taco Sands!

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