Dolly Parton shared an improbable instrument playing throwback with a famous friend

Everyone knows that Dolly Parton Extremely talented. From singing and writing to acting in movies and writing books, the country’s superstar can do everything. She recently shared one of her lesser known skills on social media, including a throwback clip of her Leaf labels Make music together

Parton’s ‘Secret Talent’

“Did I show you all my secret talents?” Parton gave a video caption of her and Label on a talk show. “Thanks @MsPattiLabelle for playing Acrylic with me!” In the clip, two music legends are dressed in shiny black gowns and playing an impromptu instrument: their nails.

The two singers rub their fingernails together to create a random sound that gives them a beautiful beat for the acapella song together. After they adjust to a few lines, Parton says, “Play it, Patty!” LaBelle does a fingernail alone before the pair burst into laughter.

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Fans liked the video, sharing their thoughts in the comments section. “Both of you are national assets. It’s beautiful, “wrote one person. Another commented,” I do it all the time with my nails, without singing! “

Parton is a long time fingernail player

For devoted fans of Parton, the skill of playing with these fingernails is old news. If the sound of moving, clicking sounds familiar, the reason is: Parton used the same “instrument” when writing his hit song “9 to 5”. In the studio version, the word is changed to a click of the typewriter keys, but Parton wrote the song using his nails.

Parton has told the story a lot over the years, and in recent appearances Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, The country’s singer shared more details. “When I actually wrote this song, I used my acrylic nail on the set when I was writing it,” she shared. “They sound like typewriters.”

Her nails even made up for the final cut of the song. “It’s Dolly’s nails on the album!” Parton laughed. He continued, “My nails are my rhythm department when I’m writing a song alone. One day, I can cut an album, just me and my nails.”

Parton is undoubtedly talented, finding music in every part of her life এমনকি even her acrylic nails. Fans of the country’s superstar are still waiting for the album where it’s just Parton and his nails!

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