Doza Cats covers Eli’s women on the music issue and it’s pretty cool

I really have no complaints about this cover. Her face looks amazing. The shots are captured and beautiful, even if I learned Top model That you never want to hide your neck if you can help it. The word wrods

You should click on your profile to see the rest of the shoot – especially to see this coat completely eye-catching from the bunker to the cover, but because he really wears a lot of attractive, avant-garde stuff. The profile itself is long and interesting – I had no idea how many times he was in hot water on social media and I had to laugh at it:

As I was writing this, frustrated Paraguay fans, unable to catch the actor due to the stormy weather, started trolling him on Twitter, claiming that he had not shown any love for the country. The flood of comments proved too much for Dozer, and shortly after midnight on March 25, he announced that he was leaving the music, changing his username on Twitter to “I’m leaving.” Later that day, she posted a video of Rihanna singing “Kiss It Better” ridiculously off-key while doing her makeup. No context, just the caption, “I’m a bouta object.” He also updated his Twitter handle to perform an exciting performance in Brazil that night on “I’m Still Exiting”. (The next day, he tweeted an apology, dismissing the notion that he was resigning.)

Something funny to me about giving up, giving up, giving up again and then giving up again.

We haven’t shipped the other two covers, but you might want to check them out as well:

She is good at this.

[Profile written by Marjon Carlos; Photos by Adrienne Raquel; Styling by Patti Wilson]

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