Drew Barrymore shared his privacy for a glamorous five minute makeup look.

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Celeb-inspired makeup is great and unrealistic. Of course, if you have the time, patience, money and / or a team of professional stylists, you are ready! But if you don’t have any of these things, the results often fall short of the intended appearance.

That, of course, unless you’re from a hint Drew Barrymore. The 47-year-old actress, mother of two and creator of Flower Beauty knows that the best makeup routine is a simple one.

That’s why she puts her go-to glam look in five minutes — no, Really.

‘Five flowers’

Barrymore recently shared his daily glam routine at IG from start to finish. Her skin is clean and makeup free as she starts her “five flowers” ​​by tying her hair back.

First, he started with Flower Light Illusion Concealer.

Flower’s Illusion Concealer contains exclusive opaque pigments that illuminate and disperse the dark circles under the eyes. Barrymore is pressing the concealer under his eyes, around his nose and on his chin. Then, he mixes the product with the tip of his finger.

Then, she adds a few drops of Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir and Serum Foundation to the palm of her hand. Both products are full of hydrating, antioxidant-rich facial oils that soothe, protect and nourish your skin.

A primer and hydrating serum from Supernova Elixir works. Its light weight, quick-absorbing formula retains moisture and prolongs your makeup finish.

Flower Serum Foundation adds more hydrating energy with lavender flower water and anti-inflammatory olive oil. Light to medium buildable coverage is available in 18 shades for a flawless color match.

After mixing the two products on the palm of her hand, she applied the mixture all over her face. The actress blends makeup on her hair line and around her jaw and neck.

‘New skin, new beginnings’

Barrymore then proceeded to lay his neutral, bright foundation and highlight. First, he uses Light Illusion Perfecting Powder on his T-zone and under the eyes. She is swiping the powder with the Flower Foundation Buffing Brush.

This silky pressed powder has the same opaque pigment as light illusion concealer. It creates an even, natural and matte finish. The soft, washable bristles of the buffing brush blend everything else for a polished look.

Then, Barrymore adds the highlight. He uses spotlight liquid highlights on his cheekbones, forehead bones, nose and cupids. The built-in cushion applicator makes swiping in this gold colored highlighter.

In addition to its easy application and light-reflecting pigments, this liquid highlight blends with vitamins, hydrating oils and antioxidants. It is also available in gilded, a bronze highlight and opal, a white gold highlight.

The finishing touch

At about the 2.5-minute mark, the FLOWER founder is almost half done with his glam look. She moves her eyes forward using liquid Kajal blendable eyeliner to add a flirty cat-eye flick to the edge of her lid.

Barrymore uses liquid kajal in Starry, a dazzling, deep blue with a slight twinkle. He stopped the liner just above his pupil, creating an angular optical illusion over his round eyes. Then, she lengthened her lashes with FLOWER’s Lash Warrior Voluminizing Mascara.

This fierce, no-clamp mascara comes with an exclusive spiked brush that catches every lash for a root-to-tip coat. He cleans the edges of his liner with a Q-tip before packing the product with another coat of liquid kajal starry.

Finally, she adds some color to her cheeks and lips. She uses Flower Potts Powder Blush on the top of her cheekbones and on the side of her nose. It adds a soft, natural look contour that defines its features without harsh lines.

The silky powder formula of Flower Pots Powder Blush adds a natural flush to the face. It is available in six shades, from cool pink to warm peach.

She finished her look with a few swipes of a glittering peach, Flower Beauty’s Chill Out Soothing Lip Glaze in Dazed. Chill Out Lip Glaze contains CBD derived from flax for comfort, condition and calm dehydrated lips.

Coconut oil has more skin-filling benefits on flower lip glaze. The high-gloss formula comes in six shades, including a fierce magenta (Let’s Roll) and Jamie Purple (Jane).

According to the rules of the actress, the price of any product is not more than 20 dollars. Moreover, most of them come with easy-to-use, built-in applications. Finally, Barrymore finishes her five-minute look with a hair towel and enters the mirror, just as every good makeup routine should end.

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