Drew Barrymore’s ex-husband has made rare comments in the throwback post

Celebrity breakups can be messy, but Drew Barrymore Proof that they can even have a good relationship with their exes. The actress recently posted a throwback video and her ex-husband Will Koppelman’s response was so sweet.

Barrymore’s relationship with her ex-husband

Barrymore and Koppelman, an industry consultant, started dating in 2011 and announced their engagement the following year. They were married in 2012 and soon welcomed their daughters, Olive and Frankie. In 2016, the couple announced that they were divorcing.

Although the two are no longer together, they have a friendly relationship; Barrymore has even revealed that he spent Mother’s Day with Koppelman, their daughter and Koppelman’s new wife, Alexandra “Ally” Michler. The couple married in 2021.

Koppelman responded to the sweet throwback post

A new social media post shows how close the ex couple is still. Barrymore posted a beautiful throwback clip of himself as a child. When Barrymore began acting at the age of just one, he made a splash by playing a blockbuster character. ET The Extraterrestrial And Firestarter.

In the video, a young Barimore appears on a late night show and talks about his love for New York City. “I love New York,” said Ponytail Barrymore. “This is my place.”

“I love LA,” the actress continued. “But I don’t like to go to the beach after a bikini. I like to wear warm clothes and stay in my thermos and run around the hotel! ” Studio listeners were fascinated by the young Barrymore, and the actress’ Instagram followers loved it just as much.

“OMGGGGG,” commented actress Kieran Shipka Gwyneth Paltrow leaves some love in the comments section, writes, “Literally. You [and] Your thermoses are real. “Barrymore’s colleagues didn’t just comment on the beautiful video. Her ex-husband seems to appreciate the powerful genetics that run rampant in Barrymore’s family.” It’s both Olive and Frankie together, “Koppelman wrote.

Barrymore on his ex-wife: ‘I’m his biggest cheerleader’

Barrymore and Koppelman have a very close relationship; The actress is a close friend of his ex-wife. Time to appear on popular podcasts Armchair specialistBarrymore opened up about his friendship with Mitchell, saying, “He knows I adore the ground I’m walking on and I’m his biggest cheerleader, but I give them their place.”

The actress is still close to Koppelman’s family, even vacationing with her ex-husband. “We’re still on vacation, I’m still at their house,” Barrymore explained. “I was, divorce is going to happen, but nothing will change.” Barrymore and Koppelman may never marry again, but it is clear that the former couple still have a lot of love for each other.

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