Dwayne Johnson’s daughter speaks to WWE fans after the name Slam Wrestling

Simon Johnson Following in the footsteps of his famous father. Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonHer daughter recently announced that she would be pursuing a career in wrestling, but fans are not happy with the WWE name she has chosen for herself.

Johnson’s WWE fan response

Johnson signed a contract with WWE in 2020 but had to delay his wrestling debut due to a knee injury. Although he is finally ready to compete, and has changed the name of his wrestling by changing his Twitter handle: vaAvaRaineWWE.

Although many fans were not satisfied with Johnson’s name. “I’m a little disappointed that he won’t be known as The Pebble.” One person joked. Another said, “Pebbles !! Why isn’t his father Rock !? “

One person seemed even more frustrated that Johnson did not immediately respect his father’s wrestling legacy. Writing“Simon Johnson, the daughter of The Rock, is completely meaningless. She will be judged until her debut, but if WWE does not admit that her father, The Rock, is ridiculous. ”

Johnson: ‘I’m telling you to find a new joke.’

Johnson answered all those who asked him to choose a geological wrestling name in a series of tweets. “I urge you to come up with a new trick. Something, ”he wrote. He also posted a screenshot of a Google search of various rocks, with the caption, “Nothing in this section please xx.”

“I probably sound like a broken record and hopefully this is the last one I’ll mention, but I don’t understand why it’s so hot to portray people as different from their family name,” Johnson wrote in another tweet. “A name does not disrespect any previous achievement of a family.”

“I could have built my entire career around my dad and people would still scold me,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. Although most people seemed concerned about how Johnson would address his father’s WWE career, he was not the only wrestler in the family.

Her family’s WWE legacy

Johnson is a fourth generation wrestler. “The Rock” is a 10-time WWE World Champion and now famous for his work on TV and film. Johnson’s grandfather, Rocky, and great-grandfather Peter “High Chief” Maivia, both WWE Hall of Famer.

In a statement issued at the beginning of his wrestling training, Johnson said: “This means the world to me. It’s really special to know that my family has such a personal relationship with wrestling and I’m grateful for the opportunity to carry on that legacy, not just wrestling. . ” Johnson is expected to make his WWE debut later this year, and people around the world can’t wait to follow in his family’s footsteps.

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