Elizabeth Taylor’s skincare routine includes this cult classic product

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Elizabeth Taylor The old Hollywood embodies all things, glitz and glamor are no exception. The award-winning actress was known for her stunning beauty with her dark hair and attractive blue-purple eyes.

He loved outstanding jewelry, often donating emeralds, diamonds and rubies. The rules of her skin care – especially near the end of her life – were also quite luxurious. But he Did Make an affordable exception.

After all, Elizabeth Taylor was born in 1932, a particularly turbulent time in history. The Great Depression was in full swing, and at just seven years old, Taylor and his family would flee Europe for fear of an impending World War.

A-list celebrity or not, this kind of frugal, realistic upbringing will stick with you. And when it comes to her “Holy Grail” skin cream, she prefers nonsense, practical and effective products.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protector Face Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protector Face Cream
(Elizabeth Arden)

One of Taylor’s favorite skincare products was Elizabeth Arden’s Eight-Hour Skin Protectant Face Cream. This “holy grail” face cream is considered a cult classic and has been around since the 1930’s. The list of elements has not changed in nearly a century since its creation.

This petroleum-based cream soothes and hydrates, locking in moisture for at least eight hours. It’s versatile, too. In addition to an ultra-hydrating face cream, you can also use this skin protector as a hand cream, a remedy for chapped lips or a moisturizing hair cream. This all-in-one product is suitable for any cracked, rough, or itchy skin.

Use it as an eyebrow cream to get Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic, useful eyebrow shape. Or use it to protect your skin from windburn in outdoor adventures. This product was designed by Elizabeth Arden herself and after all these decades, it still stands on its own.

There must be other Elizabeth Arden

Of course, the brand has learned to keep up with the times. Elizabeth Arden’s Retinal Serum Ceramide Capsules take the modern day beauty trend to the next level. This powerful treatment aims at wrinkles and balances skin tone and texture.

Elizabeth Arden Retinal Serum Ceramide Capsules
(Elizabeth Arden)

Fragrance-free capsules are made from a mixture of retinol, ceramide and peptide that hydrate, strengthen, nourish and smooth. For best results, use these capsules before moisturizing at night.

Another Elizabeth Arden product that is missing from your beauty routine is PREVAGE® Anti-Adging Eye Serum 2.0. This eye serum with its strong (but mild) formula fights against environmental damage and signs of aging.

Elizabeth Arden Anti-Agin Eye Serum 2.0
(Elizabeth Arden)

Antioxidants and peptides reduce puffiness while strengthening and strengthening the delicate areas around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types, this will brighten the eye serum and cure eye area damage. The cooling device also helps to soothe and de-puff the eyes.

There is no denying that Elizabeth Taylor was a natural beauty, but her skin care methods helped maintain her fresh, radiant appearance. And thanks to its no-nonsense, affordable, go-to skin cream, your method can do the same.

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