Ellen DeGeneres planned the trip suspiciously to avoid the ending of ‘Rocky Marriage’

Is Ellen DeGeneres Desperate trying to save her marriage Portia de Rossi? Around this time last year, a tabloid claimed that the talk-show host was planning a romantic trip to revive Spark at her wedding. Let’s check the famous couple again.

Did Ellen DeGeneres plan to ‘leave the drama behind’?

Last May, d Heat Reportedly, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are on the verge of divorce. According to the article, as DeGeneres faced the end of her talk show, she wanted to focus on her marriage and saving the gorillas. DeGeneres recently explained how he wanted to expand his efforts into his Rwandan gorilla sanctuary. But according to outlet sources, he and De Rossi also plan to rekindle the spark they lost in their 14-year marriage.

“[DeGeneres is] Hope this trip will help fix their rocky wedding. The two had a great time on their last trip, and they look forward to reconnecting from all the stress of the show, “said Tipster. “Ellen has a gentle and sincere side – this is Portia whom she fell in love with and whom she hopes to find again in Africa.”

Is Ellen DeGeneres working to save her ‘Rocky Marriage’?

In this article we have several levels of feedback. First, the outlet did not provide any exclusive insights with this article. Last May, DeGeneres said The Hollywood Reporter That he planned to travel to Africa to help establish his education campus dedicated to the preservation of the gorilla population. So, no, r Heat Wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t breaking any significant news.

The magazine claims that the designers will try to save her marriage with the trip, we are saying foul. There is no evidence that the marriage of DeGeneres and de Rossi was or was on stone. In fact, the outlet fails to implicitly mention that the Rwandan gorilla sanctuary was a gift. From Rossi.

And before their trip to Rwanda, DeGeneres and de Rossi landed in Morocco for a romantic vacation. While we acknowledge that everyone needs a break from time to time, we are not just seeing a marriage that needs to be saved.

The Tabloids on Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

This is a far cry from what we called a magazine for the first time to invent turmoil for DeGeneres and de Rossi. Earlier this year, The Globe De Rossi instructed the designers to “get help” because they were fighting over their marriage. And Women’s Day The comedian even claimed that the couple almost divorced when the toxic workplace scandal broke out. Clearly, none of these publications have the couple’s best interests at heart.

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