‘ER’ has created a serious back problem by playing Star Doctor with a lamp

IS The 15-season run was home to many memorable doctors. Note starring Dr. Kerry Weaver Laura Ines, Who has used a cuff crutch for more than a decade to help a lip Fake lamps cause some real life health problems. What’s down here?

Paging Dr. Weaver

IS It was in its second season when Ins signed as Dr. Kerry Weaver. He will become one of the longest-serving cast members in the entire series by clocking 249 episodes. Weaver was a head of the ER who had an unexplained gender. During the show, Ines will receive numerous awards and nominations for the role. He will manage 12 episodes.

Gender has been a part of her character since its inception. In an interview with Ability Magazine, Ines explained that he knew what he was getting. “When I read for the part, the character was described as using a lame and cane. It was written with that intent in mind,” said Ines. Neat.

Basically, there was no explanation for the illness, “they wanted to keep it open, and it couldn’t be something that was a problem,” Ines said. The doctor had an idea of ​​using a cuff crutch and he did just that for almost a decade.

The loss of real life

It turns out that pretending to have bangs for more than a decade can lead to some real health problems. In Season 12, Dr. Weaver underwent corrective surgery that allowed him to walk without a cane. It was found that his penis was due to congenital hip dysplasia the whole time.

Ines later told the Mirror that it was written on the show because his body was beginning to decay. “My real back was getting worse. I did a bone density test and my lower back spine started to bend to one side 10 years after my hip augmentation, “said Ines. Got it.

What is Laura Ines so far?

In 2020, Innes finished work How to escape murder. He was cast in a short film, with another title The girl child Coming out soon. Last year, he took part in the management of George Clooney IS Reunion special The stars in the house.

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