Fans ask when Pat Sajak will be replaced in ‘Vile of Fortune’, presumably.

Is Pat Sajek At risk of being replaced Wheel of fortune? A tabloid claims that the recent on-air exchange with it Vanna White His work may cost him. Here’s the latest gossip about the long-running game show host.

Pat Sajek ‘Goes Over Age Again’?

This week, Globe Pat reports on Sajak’s future Wheel of fortune The longtime host of the uncertain program recently made an inappropriate comment to letter-turner Vanna White and fans were furious. After Sajak spoke to a contestant who was a professional opera singer, he asked White if he was an “opera buff.” White replied that he was not “buff” but that he enjoyed the opera. That’s when Sajek asked, “Have you ever seen a buffet opera?” It was an awkward exchange between Sajak and White that made everyone laugh out loud, but angry fans took to social media.

“I guess I just saw a #metoo moment on @WheelofFortune?” A visitor tweeted. “HeeWheelofFortune Someone please replace this guy. @patsajak ask absolutely inappropriate [Vanna] Did he see the opera naked? Are you serious Obese, ”another wrote. The magazine notes that one of Sajek’s jokes has gotten him into trouble so far from this first, so his days on the program may be numbered.

Is Pat Sajek’s job in danger?

Here’s the thing: Sajek’s comments are really inappropriate. It has crossed a line, and no one has to answer such aggressive questions in the workplace. But in Sajek’s defense, the magazine has a lot of missing topics that make the exchange less annoying. First, it was obviously a play on words. Sajak is not given a script, but he is often encouraged to stay away from competitors and whites to keep the audience busy, and he clearly makes a bad joke. In that sense, it is possible Sajek was trying to make someone uncomfortable. Still, it’s a bad-think-out joke that shouldn’t have been shared.

In addition, White and Sajak have worked together for over 40 years. While this shouldn’t have happened clockwise, it’s entirely possible that Sajek and White have a friendship where such a bad joke could easily slide. But in the end, if the comment is such a red flag for the producers, then perhaps someone should have blamed the editor for not cutting the joke. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, which means that anyone who is uncomfortable can easily avoid this crucial moment. Overall, this is an embarrassing gaff, but we seriously doubt it is the end of a career.

The tabloid on Pat Sajek

Of course, we know better than to believe anything Globe Pat says about Sajek. Last year, the outlet reported that Sajak was getting a tattoo and ear piercing in an attempt to “look cool” for young viewers. The magazine then claims Sajek’s wife is jealous of his friendship with White. And most recently, the publication complained that Sajak’s job was in jeopardy because the show failed to recognize its 40th anniversary as host. Apparently, the Globe Sajak is not the most reliable source anywhere.

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