Fans of Nicole Kidman’s so-called ‘unknown’ face are annoyed, sketchy

Is Nicole Kidman ‘Fans worried about his changed appearance? A tabloid claimed that the actress had gone under the knife and the results were harsh. Let’s take a closer look at Kidman’s alleged plastic surgery makeover.

Nicole Kidman ‘Freaks Out Fan’ with ‘Funky Fan’?

This week, Globe Nicole Kidman is reportedly not looking her best these days, and sources say plastic surgery is to blame. Apparently, Kidman is addicted to face-changing cosmetic treatments, and her husband Keith Urban is urging her to cut it. “Nicole thinks she looks great,” thought one insider. “So, he gave up asking.” And when the actress shared a recent photo of herself with makeup-free, fans quickly noticed that something had happened to Kidman. “What did you do with your mouth ?!” One commenter asked, with another post saying “You don’t look like you, Nicole.”

The outlet notes that Kidman has denied the rumors of plastic surgery. “I am just fine. I have nothing in my mouth. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself, “said Kidman. But a doctor who did not treat the actress told the outlet that “there is no doubt that she had surgery that changed her appearance instead of reviving them.” The expert added: “Removing the loose skin at the bottom of his cheek and dramatically shaking the contour of the back of his jaw is a messenger symptom!”

Nicole Kidman ‘unknown’ in the latest photo?

It is impossible for us to say one way or another when Kidman goes under the knife, the tabloids omit some important topics. First, the magazine mentioned in multiple points that Kidman had refused to undergo any plastic surgery. But the anger fails to hide When He has denied rumors of plastic surgery. The tabloid quote is based on a 2007 interview with Kidman Mary Claire. So, it is quite possible that Kidman has done the job since then and he did not confuse people during his speech.

The only other time the star addressed plastic surgery rumors was in 2011 when Kidman told a German magazine that he had tried Botox and ignored it. “I didn’t like what my face looked like,” Kidman commented. “I don’t use it anymore – I can move my forehead again.”

And even considering this statement, we are now 11 years away from denying any kind of plastic surgery. So, if Kidman decides to do something, it is inappropriate to use these quotes to portray him as dishonest. He did not address the latest rumors, but then again, why should he? It’s her body, and it’s her money. What he decides to do is not our business.

Nicole Kidman’s tabloid

Why we should expect Globe Honestly reporting on Nicole Kidman when it never happened in the past? In 2019, the outlet reported that Kidman and Urban were adopting a child from Syria. The magazine then claims that Kidman is leaving Hollywood to save his marriage. And recently, the publication has again complained that Kidman and Urban are adopting a child. Apparently, the Globe There is really no insight into Kidman’s personal life.

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