Fans upset with ‘Joypardi’! Host Mime Bialik, author of Marijuana Jokes

Mayim Bialik There has been an uphill battle with Danger! Fans this week, he and the writers are in the hot water for a cannabis joke. Let’s find out now.

An off-color joke

In the May 24 edition, the section was “Tear off the title” Danger!. The answer was “the marijuana issue is usually referred to this ‘committee’ consisting of members of both houses of the legislature.” Ryan Long, the current champion and cat breeder, guessed the bipartisan committee, but he was wrong.

The correct question was “What is a joint committee?” Bialik added, “Will you get it?” The studio did listeners, because there was some laughter. The joke here is obvious, just a simple double entender where the two meanings of the word “joint” are involved. Bialik and Danger! Authors have seldom noticed this at first.

In 2015, Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg took legal action against marijuana. He pointed out the futility of the enterprise that it should all be in a joint committee. Rosenberg smiled and explained: “It’s really funny. I didn’t try to make fun. They are called joint committees. ” One would think that a good enough joke would be good enough for a politician Danger !.

Instant hatred for Bialik

While the joke kept most people unprepared, some Twitter users weren’t happy with what they heard. One user wrote, “Oh, but wouldn’t the #Jeopardy writers please think kids are watching, and their delicate ears that have just been exposed to cannabis references?” This sounds almost like a Simpson Reference, but it still resonates with some people.

Twitter being Twitter, things slowly became a pile in Bialik. Something Sprang his defense. The original author deleted the tweet, later writing “Things can snowball without your knowledge.”

One user took the comment privately, noting that alcohol is far more deadly than marijuana and that “ignorant jokes like yours do not help.” Nothing if Twitter is not split.

Another person mentioned that all this is a nonsense. If a real child “gets it”, they are already exposed to weeds.

Bialik cannot win

A few months ago, Bialik was at the center of controversy when he briefly called the opening round. Danger! “Single Danger” Round. There was a field day on Twitter, and Bialik addressed the issue. He said, “It’s not like Miami is a villain! Everything is observed very carefully. I have a word in my ear, I promise. “

With that in mind, one-off jokes are probably not his fault either. The The Big Bang Theory The star has been hit for much longer than Trebek. This one weed joke was more lame than harmful, so hopefully, everyone can move on.

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