Farah Abraham threatens to adopt Ukrainian orphans

Over the years, the world has heard of many evil plans from Farah Abraham.

Some will see him do irreparable damage to the world through politics. Others mean destruction on a more personal level.

It’s been three months since Russia launched its brutal aggression on Ukraine, and even Farah is not immune to the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, Farah is now threatening to try to adopt a Ukrainian child. Please stop.

Farah Abraham in a podcast

The war crimes that have taken place in Ukraine have spread beyond genocide and other atrocities of the war.

The “genocide” is not hyperbole, it is a warning cry issued by numerous human rights groups and Ukraine’s own president.

Ukrainian civilians, including children, have been sexually harassed by Russian occupying forces, including mercenaries.

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So Farah was not wrong when he warned of “rape” and “sexual abuse of children, youth and the elderly” by Russian forces.

When Teenage mother Ozzy The villain is often mistaken or even confused about the news report, the vandalized house and the physical evidence left in the pile of naked corpses speaks for itself.

Farah confirmed that Ukraine was “stronger than all of Russia” and that “no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for who they are or where they live.”

Farah Abraham Video Selfie

Farah took more than just reporting on the atrocities committed by Putin’s forces.

“I will adopt Ukrainian children,” Farah wrote on Monday, May 23.

This is an ominous line, not only because of Farah’s lack of qualifications, but also because he is not alone.

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First and foremost, Farah is prone to unwelcome gossip, restless behavior and racist outbursts.

Not “racially charged” remarks, not “insensitive” statements, not any other utterance to cover up the decay of white supremacy – Racist.

Farah did it on a reality TV camera. He did it on social media, effectively touting himself. This is who he is.

Farah Abraham explained to Farah's followers

Although some aspects of Farah’s behavior may be due to cognitive impairment …

(Of course we are mentioning his style of speech and his difficulty in understanding some of the issues, none of which is his fault)

… Being hateful or racist is not a disability or a disease, it is a corrupt choice.

Farah Abraham speaks

Growing up by Farah was not easy for 13-year-old Sophia, whose arguing parents are worse than many children because she too is homeschooled.

What is realistic about Farah’s guardianship is that he is not The worst From mother Teenage mother Suffrage

But as long as General Evans exists, it is a low bar that should fail to surpass it Literally To be a crime

Farah's face in 2021

No, Farah should not raise a Ukrainian child or any other child. Some have speculated that he is not really planning, but is just trying to create publicity.

Usually we would condemn someone for exploiting a crisis to create a few headlines for themselves.

But in this case, it would actually be best if it was an emotional PR statement and not a declaration of its true intentions. Those kids have suffered enough.

Valeria Shashenok Tiktuk - War of Ukraine 01's

Even if we ignore Farah, we must admit that there is an ugly history of human trafficking behind human adoption.

War zones can cause thousands of children to slip through cracks and disappear, even if they still have surviving families.

In particular, American missionaries have a serious reputation for doing this for decades, destroying lives when the next crisis comes and leading to intense disbelief.

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