Felicity Huffman is close to divorcing William H. Massie after his time in prison,

Is Felicity Huffman And William H. Macy On the verge of divorce? A tabloid claims that Hoffman’s involvement in the infamous college admissions scandal had a “tragic effect” on their marriage. Here’s what we know.

Felicity Hoffman ‘fighting to save marriage’?

This week, Globe Felicity Hoffman and William H. Massey claims the actress has been fighting for their marriage since her release from prison. The outlet reminds readers that Hoffman was jailed for ten days for bribing his daughter on her way to a top university. But despite returning to normal life, sources say Huffman and Messi are still working to save their marriage. “They are still feeling very wounded and burned by what they have gone through, especially Felicity,” an insider said. “So, they are planning to treat themselves to a deluxe vacation this summer, in Greece, the French Riviera, Paris and Rome.”

Apparently, Hoffman is still working through the trauma of the last four years. “Felicity still has nightmares about the experience,” Tipster admits. “They have to put their last two years behind them and clear their heads and come back to Hollywood as the perfect couple.”

Huffman and Messi ‘fighting to stay together’?

This tabloid knows that Hoffman was released from prison in 2019, isn’t it? All we can say is that Huffman and Messi have miraculously been able to get back to normal. This is certainly supported by the couple’s outing in February. In the photos of the night, Huffman and Messi are walking hand in hand, smiling broadly. We just don’t see what needs to be saved.

But the thing is, they’re out of the water. The worst part is behind them, so we don’t understand the magazine’s insistence that things between Huffman and Massey are suddenly exciting. In addition, we have no reason to believe that they are planning some grand European holiday. If they are, then it is good for them, but we will not take it as proof that their marriage is struggling.

Nice try, but we’ve heard it before

The tabloids have been shouting “separation” since Hoffman’s name appeared in the college admissions scandal. Shortly after Hoffman was released from prison, Women’s Day He claims that he is divorcing Messi. The same tabloid then reported that Huffman and Messi were living “separate lives.” And finally, They Allegedly, Huffman and Messi were on the verge of divorce. But if Huffman and Messi haven’t made it out yet, we doubt they will.

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