‘Flip or Flop’ star ants hit ex-Christina Hack in Instagram comment

The war of custody Ant Anstead And Christina Hack The two TV show hosts are heated, with fans taking sides. The latest controversy? An Instagram video of the ex-couple’s son has been posted.

Fans respond to Anstead’s video

“I finally got back to playing football today (after a long injury) and I pulled the soles of my boots,” Unstad captioned his post, which included a photo of the inside soles of his soccer clit. “It has a lot of miles (and goals) left !!”

Anstead also includes two videos of his son, 2-year-old Hudson. Some fans liked the post, leaving comments about their own football gear and praising the child’s sportsmanship. “Wow,” one wrote. “Hudson has really started managing that ball well! Put the old block off. “

“Great job Hudson !!!” Someone else added. “I think he’s only two years older. She stays calm, tries hard and looks good for her age! ” Another fan wrote praising Antstad, “You have a great father!”

However, not everyone liked the sweet father-son video. “I thought you didn’t want your son to be exploited on social media,” someone commented, referring to Antstad’s earlier comments about the hack being used for “commercial endeavors”.

Anstead responds, “Absolutely not me. Being a kid and capturing biological moments in the footsteps of a small child is for everyone! Keep it up and look back at a beautiful diary.”

“But being a‘ used ’doll for commercial gain and being made for acting makes my stomach sick. The two must be very different xx. “

Anstead and Haack’s ongoing custody battle

Others called her to request full custody as she and Hack leaked details of their separation. Anastasia filed the lawsuit calling Hack a “bad mother”, but a judge ruled against her, saying there was “not enough” evidence to support her claim.

Hack responded by submitting his own papers, saying his ex was trying to “create a false narrative and tarnish my good name.” Her fans agree, one person commented on Antstad’s post, “You’ve lost a lot of followers because of what you’re doing with Christina!”

Unstad and Hack are still trying to figure out how to share custody between them, but it’s clear things are getting worse. Let’s hope the ex-couple understands co-parent Hudson in a friendly way.

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