Foot petal spot dot cushions will save your feet this summer

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Sometimes, the gods shine on us and we find the most beautiful shoes. They “go” with every outfit. They were sold! They are stylish and clever, maybe even TrendAnd for the most part Parts are comfortable. Without that one place, right there. Oops, that place hurts. Yes, it will definitely leave a blister.

It doesn’t matter if you are rocking an espadril or a pair of casual superga sneakers like Duchess Kate Middleton this summer, it can ruin your whole day if you are in pain. Planning hiking, window-shopping or sightseeing? If you have pain in your legs you will probably spend more time sitting on a bench than getting stuck in a new town. So, what is the answer?

Goodbye, blister

Made from 100% porn, these cute foot petals will keep your feet happy no matter what kind of shoes you choose to wear. Poran, a rubber-like material, has a smooth surface for comfort and provides instant impact absorption. Discreet petal cushion stains that rub your feet, help you avoid painful blisters and calluses.

Spring, foam material will help keep feet cool, dry and comfortable throughout the day. Unlike many blister remedies, these petals close before the blister forms, providing pressure-point relief.

Wear your favorite shoes without pain

You can put petals in your shoes wherever you feel pain or discomfort. Put one in the shoe for comfort on the ball of your foot. If the heel of your shoe slips or rubs, you can put one on the back of the shoe for extra comfort. The petals can even provide arch support when placed in insoles. And, you don’t have to worry about them rolling or wrinkling, the beveled edges and strong glue keep them in place.

The one who said, “Beauty is pain,” probably had at least one pair of shoes that were hard to wear. Fortunately, with these simple petals, pain no longer has to be part of the “beauty” experience. And, we are all for the most painless existence, especially when it comes to our footwear.

One happy Amazon customer said, “I had a pair of sandals that rubbed against the top of my right foot. I stuck one of these little cushions under the sandals – the problem is solved!

So, wear the shoes you choose this summer! Don’t forget the foot petal package wherever your summer takes you.

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