Fox host Brian Kilmed has been criticized by co-hosts for making sexist comments

Fox News Host Brian Kilmede She has faced a backlash from viewers after she commented that pregnant women should not be given “important” jobs. Even one of his co-anchors disagreed with his statement while on the campaign trail.

Kilmeade and co-host Ainsley Earhardt were discussing the Homeland Security Department’s efforts to combat misinformation when Kilmeade brought up a government official working with Homeland Security on the issue.

“The woman in charge of this is Nina Jankovic, who is about eight and a half months pregnant so I’m not sure how you will get a job and then you will be able to do a job for three months,” Kilmed said. “I’m not blaming him but I don’t know why you would give someone a job that you think is so important.”

Yarhart quickly came to Djankovic’s defense and said, “How long has he been doing this?” When Kilmede said it was “almost two months”, Yarhart defended Djankovic, saying “she has the right to have children and maternity leave.”

“No, I know, but if you really want someone to lead an organization, that’s the face of the organization,” Kilmed argued. This is not the first time Fox News The host condemned Jankowicz for her pregnancy.

In an earlier episode, Kilmede said, “If you’re going to take on a new bureau, wouldn’t you need maternity leave in the first few weeks? Just talk. “Many were quick to point out how problematic his remarks were.

Social media response: ‘It [Discrimination] It’s been decades. ‘

“So pregnant women should not be hired for work,” one person tweeted. “But, if they are at home, they should not be compensated, but if they stop conceiving, they should be charged with murder, but if they do not and they cannot afford to have a child because they do not have a job, then they Should be hungry. All right? “

“The women in that network will certainly be happy to work with friends who ask why they have a job and they don’t stay home for dinner,” wrote another. Many have shared personal stories of dealing with such discrimination. “It’s been going on for decades,” one woman wrote. “I was told in a job interview that since I was newly married I would probably start a family, she would not keep my resume.”

Kilmed’s comments are problematic and many point out that Airhard’s on-air disagreement with him shows just how ridiculous his views on hiring pregnant women are.

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