Fugs and Pices, June 3, 2022

Hang in there, you all. I hope your weekend will be enjoyable. Do you need new sandals? We round up something. Yes, we also had a fun chat about housekeeping tips.

Do I need it ????? I think I need this! The ridiculous egg machine that changed my breakfast game. [The New Yorker]

Do you like space? Do you like logistics? See: Space Shuttle Endeavor getting its own grand museum in LA, displaying in launch position. I can’t wait for it and how they plan to do it is going to be interesting. I hope they get a webcam. [LA Times]

I think I missed that Katie Holmes has a new boyfriend (or forgot!) And she looks so happy. [Lainey]

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. [NY Mag]

Like this: Unveiling the “Ambitious Aspect of Conservation”: Pocket VP Matt Quaidin in a well-recommended industry. Pocket is literally the only way I was able to write this very feature every week! [Vanity Fair]

It is very interesting: “Even though her husband was a murderer, a woman in a bad marriage once had a choice. Unless he escapes to South Dakota. ” [Smithsonian]

Important for all of us: “In the eight-part series,” The Italian Job “, host Alan Carr and Amanda Holden will buy a ‘one euro’ home in rural Sicily and begin work on renovating the neglected structure.” [Apartment Therapy]

This seems important: ABBA reunited for the first time in over 40 years since the launch of ABBA Voyage. [Socialite Life]

Funny: Jody Foster will try to revive True Detective. [Lainey]

Interestingly, Vulture A: The Spring TV Snowfall was not good for anyone.

Finally, my time has come !!!! Why a new generation is obsessed with vintage china [Eater]

It reminds me, I have to watch the second season The war Attendant: Cale Cuoko: Probably not the third season of Flight Attendant. [Celebitchy]

This is a great round-up of glamorous graphic teas for girls of a certain age.

Wild: The Tim Hortons coffee app breaks the law by constantly recording users’ movements. [Ars Technica]

Ah, NYT has discovered LA’s famous Jet Rag sale. (One of the things I really missed during the epidemic was digging up the ranks of vintage clothing.)

Wow: This is what a black hole in the middle of our galaxy looks like [Scientific American]

Relevant to our common interest: Blockbuster Jewels in the ear [The Adventurine]

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