Fugs and Pices, May 27, 2022

Sigh. What a week, my friends. I hope you’re managing to be right, because I’m sure we’re at the end of our combined rope with the gun violence situation here in America. (Not to mention all the other situations! We have a lot of situations!) It’s unbearable; I think I’ve seen a lot of people who were generally neutral or publicly silent talk about how we need to get this out. Nothing is happening year after year, something I doubt Willpower It will happen, but it seems … a little different now? Personally, I just want to go out and scream. Instead, I paid for Everytown (a triple-matching grant via Bloomberg 31st) and I called my representatives. We are all very tired. There is a good way to help you cut it if you need it.

Whatever. I hope your Memorial Day weekend will be peaceful. Heather and I will be back to show you the dumb clothes on Tuesday; There are definitely some silly pieces linked below to get your mind off the news if you need to.

This is a great interview with Melanie Linsky at Vulture. I just love him. (Just as a note, he discusses his history of an eating disorder, if this is something you want to avoid.)

We were all thinking about this: the branded wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker [NYT]

This is an interesting part from Lenny about K.Stew and his Chanel costumes in the ear; Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to wear her shorts earlier this week? Apparently that skirt was almost in place of those shorts at the Oscars!

It made me laugh, about the new Impossible mission: “Official title of the seventh M: Me The movie hall Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One. Or it Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning (Part 1)?? Or Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One??? Punctuation is hell. With each newer of these movies, the punctuation becomes even more insane. Just like a stunt! ” This piece is basically how a lot of people decide to deal with Tom Cruise despite having Scientology and I think it’s very interesting and true, but I always appreciate the punctuation complaint. [Lainey]

Speaking of Tom Cruise, it was really funny, from ESPN: Tom Cruise runs. But is he good at it?

And this: Team USA beach volleyball players break the iconic scene from the top song. We just need one more of these to be a trend! (Spoiler: Race experts think he’s pretty good at running, but actual volleyball players aren’t affected.) [USA Today]

It’s very funny and amazing (although it’s not surprising, baseball players are very superstitious): Unexpected Baseball Performance Enhancer: Cologne. For intelligence: “I’m a catcher so I’m sweating a lot,” Perez said, pointing to all his gear. So a little perfume helps. The umpires say, “Oh Salvi, you smell good.” Give me some strikes. “(” OMG, when it comes to punctuation, punctuation inside what I was quoting broke my brain.) [NYT]

Important: According to their Wikipedia entry, the most ridiculously posh British actor [Pajiba]

Equally important: I’ve identified the Ice Swan, Cigarette Cup and other Chloe Savigny wedding items. [The Strategist]

Agreed: Anne Hathaway and Gendarme Bulgaria should be a commercial film. [Celebitchy]

You may need: The Oral History of Encyclopaedia Man, Brendon Fraser’s Caveman Cult Classic, a movie I’ve seen in an old theater. [Inverse]

I really can’t imagine how much work has been done for this very stupid and funny writing, God bless Rebecca Alter the Vultures: The 100 Greatest Stools in Stand-Up Special History

Finally, I’ve rolled out the best sellers of spring from our shopping posts, if you like the data, and highlighted some Memorial Day weekend sales, if you want to spend your feeling.

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