Fugs & Pices, 13 May 2022

Happy weekend, all of you! I hope you have some delightful plans. (And if you literally need a recommendation for something, we’re having a very fun chat this week.)

Great news and I sincerely want to say this: a common advantage is back! That movie is funny and Blake is legitimately great in it. [Lainey]

This is a great list of beach readings and I’m not just saying that’s the reason We are royal It contains (and is called a classic!) – although this is my favorite part. Grace and I love the same Jasmine Gilory! [The Stripe]

Good question: What’s behind the rediscovery of Bare Midriff’s fashion? [NYT Style Magazine]

It’s very interesting, in the LA Times: Inside the NFL Schedule War Room – ‘disappointing everyone equally’

Every sentence in this title is beautiful: Taco Bell fan Dolly Parton to star in Mexican Pizza: The Musical. [EW]

Oh, that’s nice: Tom Hiddleston confirmed the engagement. [Lainey]

It makes me happy too: for a touch of retro whimsy, restaurants are returning to the illustrated menu

Related: The Hidden History of the Two-Go Container Industry [Atlas Obscura]

News you can use: Ariana Grande wore a sculpted bra top to her brother’s Star Wars wedding. As one does! [Celebitchy]

Tell (also, this part is very funny): The interesting secret of Anna Winter’s ‘Go-to’ lunch [Grub Street]

I laughed and said: “Where did all the Darsis go ?: Matthew McFadden and Colin Firth were once recognized in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as the perfect embodiment of the bright heartthrob, but thanks to HBO, those vague memories are dead.” [The Ringer]

It felt a bit inevitable: How bad is a crypto crash? Matt Damon is bad enough to be trending on Twitter. Somewhere, Ben Mackenzie is delicately sipping a cup of tea. Apparently, when tweeting. [Pajiba]

It’s wild, and both of these guys have ice in their veins! After the pilot became disabled, a plane landed at Florida airport with no pilot experience. [CNN]

A. Jamestown, North America’s first permanent English colony, may soon be under water. [Smithsonian]

Finally, we were guests Did you hear? Deep pop into a pop culture, a very funny podcast, this week! We had a great chat with Mahsa Diplostito and you can enjoy it too.

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