Fugs & Pices, June 10, 2022

Happy weekend! I hope you have the most perfect weather available for your part of the world. (It’s hot in Los Angeles.)

At the Atlantic: The One Witness January 6 hearing that most important: It’s you. Last night’s hearing was very cold and sobering. If you miss it: 6 takeaways from the committee’s first prime-time hearing on January 6th.

We’ve had a great chat this week that we can easily talk about temporarily.

Britney got married! Majel Tov to him! [Lainey]

Important: The ‘November Rain’ music video has defined a generation. Inside its ‘bonkers’ production. [LA Times]

Very interesting, at Vanity Fair: Attack on looted assets: Inside the high-stakes race to recover Gaddafi’s ill-gotten billions

Oh, I learned on the line that Rita Ora and Taika Waititi are (probably) running away and getting married. (Tidbit is also interesting here about Casey Affleck.)

Do I want some of these wild shoes wrong? [Tom and Lorenzo]

Important Journalism, in The Ringer: Is the shirtless football scene in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ better than the shirtless volleyball scene in ‘Top Gun’? An investigation.

It’s complete: the cats in the vicinity and the museum’s security guards have an adorable year-long rivalry [My Modern Met]

A good question: What happened at the MTV Movie Awards? [The Daily Beast]

Someone wakes up and chooses … if not violence, then light offensive: Taylor Swift Robert De Niro: ‘I have all his albums … I’m not No. A fan ‘. (He’s mostly joking.) [Celebitchy]

Relevant to my interest: What’s the next big thing in American snack culture? [Eater]

An interesting part of The New Yorker about shipping containers? Yes.

Variety is reporting that Madonna has cast Julia Garner in her biopic to play herself (Madonna, I mean). It’s obvious casting, I’ve been saying this for ages. Finally thanks for listening to me, Madonna !!!!

This was super interesting. Good for Nev: Nev Campbell knows its value [Lainey]

Interesting, in a nutshell: I think I’ve dealt with real crime for now

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