Fugs & Pices, June 17, 2022

Happy weekend, everyone!

Do you need a new pair of shorts? We have a wide variety of rounds! We also had a fun chat about what everyone is reading now

Did you miss Tonys this weekend? All our coverage resides here.

If you missed any of them, contact Top-Level Takeway from the January 6th hearing. Mike Pence is sincerely lucky he’s alive; For once, I’m not hyperbolic. [NPR]

This is a great and extensive package of pieces about Juntinth in Vox, which I discovered through 5 Smart Reads by Hitha Palepu, which I really recommend.

Oh, Tom and Lorenzo Hacks have a great interview with costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager!

People seem to really have feelings about Dakota Johnson Persuasion Adaptation [Town & Country]

I started the Lookdale game, where you have to do a pixelated photo ID of a celebrity and I (as I hope) is pretty good at it. My tip is to squint aggressively when you look at the picture.

What is happening in the name of all the saints with this Barbie movie ???? [Lainey Gossip]

Related, and very funny: all why dolls you will see in your lifetime [Elle]

Also related: “Of course, I think I’m going to see the Jurassic Marvel song Barbie World: Hollywood is obsessed with existing intellectual property and it’s killing originality in the theater.” [Buzzfeed]

From Will Leach at Wapo: It’s weird to see baseball, but the weird thing is how easily it happened

NY Times A: Britney Spears: The Once and Future Versus Muse

Really Interesting: Colorful, Campy, Unusually Inside Horny World of Erotic Cookbooks [Eater]

I guess this vulture piece is going to be constantly updated: the whole history of Ezra Miller’s controversial career. This situation is not good.

This title alone is wild! You learn something every day: was the Colosseum paid for with urine? [Messy Nessy Chic]

I’m ready for this! We have been in front of Austin Mania ever since Carrie’s diary! [Lainey Gossip]

Honestly … it’s for the best: George Michael canceled the hologram [Socialite Life]

It was a good idea, Atlantic: A book swallowed by a black hole of coronavirus.

Oh, I know you’ll be interested in: Summer Classics: Weekend Bags [Girls of a Certain Age]

Important question: why men Live Saturday night Is there such a horrible apartment? [Curbed]

What about the people who are making squid game reality shows?The clock Squid game ??? Because … uh, not a spoiler but, I think it’s … probably illegal? [Celebitchy]

It reads like a madlib: Yes, the ‘Joker’ sequel could be a musical starring Lady Gaga. [Pajiba]

(Photo by Michael Putland / Getty Images)

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