Gal Gadot rocked TikTok’s famous cloud slide in a recent Instagram post

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Gal Gadt Recently posted a reel on Instagram. Although the purpose of his reel was to promote the delicious and better brand of macaroni and cheese for you, Goodles, of which Blake Lively is also a huge fan, we did not notice his cozy slides.

Shows the “before” clip Wonder Woman The star is adorned with its comforts – a matching sweatshirt set complete with only TikTok trending cloud slides. And, these shoes live up to their name.

Why Cloud Slides Will Be Go-To Your Summer

These comfortable slides, also known as pillow slides, are made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), making them lightweight, flexible and super soft. Wide strap ensures keeping shoes. And while they are soft, they are also helpful, making the perfect sandals for each of them.

College kids, busy professionals, working parents from home and retirees can all enjoy these comfortable kicks, which come in a variety of colors.

From taking a dog for a walk to work, spending a day in a lake or pool, or sitting at home, these slides are super versatile. Easy to slip and go, these slides will become a staple of your summer outfit. Even those who suffer from leg pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis will appreciate these fun slides.

How to get the perfect fit for the rest of the day

If you are in the size for a more comfortable fit, many have suggested sizing. However, there is a sizing chart to mention if you have a reservation. You can also get a “custom fit” with a few pairs of socks and a hair dryer. Confused? We were at first too, but this technique is apparently an old but a goodie.

First, you turn on your hair dryer and run it over the shoe about five inches away from the material for about a minute. Then, you will wear two pairs of socks. After that, you put the shoes on your feet for about three minutes to mold. This will soften the material and ensure a custom fit.

The reviews speak for themselves

A happy Amazon buyer says, “I bought these shoes from TickTock and they are really cool! My own most comfortable shoe, it’s really like walking on clouds!

If you’re like us, flip-flops won’t cut it anymore. We’re all about comfort these days. Another buyer said, “Super comfortable. Ordered from other vendors which was strict. They are very comfortable and feel like marshmallows. “

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