Gayle King has received a new health panic after a foot injury

Gayle King It doesn’t seem to catch a break when it comes to health issues. The CBS Morning The co-host just announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19 just weeks after being diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis.

Diagnosis of King Kovid

King’s diagnosis was so sudden – so sudden that he had to be taken out of the CBS building after a positive test because he had already been seen working that day. The Morning Show host isn’t exactly sure where he picked up the virus, but it probably happened during his recent trip to Las Vegas.

He announced his diagnosis in a video posted on Instagram. “Okay, the thing I was afraid of finally happened. I just tested positive. I got Rona,” King said. He was asked to leave the building after the test.

Fans told him to ‘go home’ and ‘leave the building’

“We’re going to take another one for sure, but, in the meantime, I’ve been told to leave the building and go home,” King continued. In her video, she stops talking to people in the hallway as she walks out of the building, even talking to someone who is not wearing a mask.

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“Why are you still taking !!” One person commented. “Leave the building.” Another wrote, “It’s shocking but you’re still standing. No. [in] A hospital or a ventilator. Thank God. Go home and take the necessary steps to get better. ”

In another video, King talks about his “mild” symptoms and tests at his home. “I’ve had three PCR tests, all positive,” he said. “Then I came home and tested at home – two lines which means it’s positive.”

“It’s not good. I’ve had four tests which all say are positive,” continued the morning show anchor. At the moment, it’s really cold – it feels a little cold. “

His most recent heel injury

It comes at the top of the news that the king hit his ankle and will have to wear a boot to cure his Achilles tendonitis. Fortunately, the king’s wounds did not require any surgery; Just rest her gets hurt. Fans are disappointed that the king will be absent CBS Morning For the next few days, but happy that she is still feeling well

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