GFY Gifts: Allison Ware’s Complete Tudor Queen Series!

We will! This is a very exciting (and generous! Thanksgiving, Valentine’s book!) Gift! The final book in the Allison Ware Tudor Queen series, Catherine Parr, sixth wife, Has just come to Paperback and we are giving away six books! We’re also dropping a copy of his new title, The last white rose, About Elizabeth of York, so we’re getting some plantagenet there. I have to admit that I am Love Can’t wait to dive into this book and this new one. They are:

1. Catherine of Aragon, The True Queen:

Princess Catalina of Spain was only sixteen years old when she set foot on the shores of England. Catalina, the youngest daughter of the powerful Emperor Ferdinand and Isabella, won a coveted prize for a royal wedding – and Arthur, Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne. But Tragedy Strike and Catalina, now Princess Catherine, are married to the future Henry VIII. He must wait for his arrival, a fiery test that tests his resolve, casts doubt on his trusted confidants, and makes him a virtual prisoner.

Catherine’s patience was rewarded when she became Queen of England. The affection between Catherine and Henry is genuine, but forces outside her control threaten her marriage and indeed the nation. Henry has fallen under the spell of Catherine’s Maid of Honor, Anne Boleyn. Now Catherine must be ready to fight to the end for her faith, her legitimacy, and her heart, God willing.

2. Anne Bolen, A King’s Obsession:

Born into an aristocratic English family, Ann was just a teenager when she was sent from her family’s Haver Castle to serve at the Dutch royal court. This strategic move by her opportunistic father became an opportunity for the girl to grow up and discover herself. There, and later in France, Anne prospered, preferring to exploit the works of progressive writers rather than engage in courtly flirtations. She began to understand the inequality and disrespect suffered by her gender.

Ann is not completely bound by the desires of the heart, but her strong family has ambitious plans for her future that ignore her own will. When Henry VIII, King of England himself, asked Anne to be his concubine, he rejected her progress – reminding her that he was a married man who had already had an affair with his sister Mary. Anne’s rejection only intensifies Henry’s pursuit, but in the absence of a male heir এবং and given to an elderly Queen Catherine বলেন the opportunity to raise and protect the family, and the opportunity for proper revenge against her jealous opponents, is too tempting for Anne to resist, even This is proved in its undoing.

Although history tells how Ann Bolen died, this fascinating new novel reveals just how completely she survived.

3. Jane Seymour, the spooky queen:

From infancy, Jane longed for a clustered life as a monk. But her large aristocratic family has other plans, and as an adult Jane is invited to the king’s court to serve as the lady of Queen Catherine of Aragon. The devout Catherine shows kindness to all his wives, almost like a second mother, who makes rumors of lustful pursuits for Henry Ann Bolen – also the woman waiting for the queen – even more shocking. For Jane, infidelity triggers memories of a haunting event that shapes her belief in marriage.

But once Henry rejects Catherine and protects Anne as his new queen – changing the religious landscape of England forever – he turns his eyes to the other: Jane herself. Asking the king to return his affection and seek favor for his family, Jane is drawn into a dangerous political game that forces her conscience against her will. Can Jane give the king her long-sought son, or will she be driven away like the women who came before her?

Bringing new insights into this fascinating story, Alison Weir marries meticulous research with historical fiction to recreate the most famous court dramas and conspiracies in English history. At its center is a loving and compassionate woman who grabs the heart of a king and whose life hangs in the balance for it.

4. Anna of Cleve, the princess in the portrait:

Henry VIII, a newly widowed and father of a baby boy, realizes he must remarry to secure the royal inheritance. Forty-six-year-old, overweight and suffering from gout, Henry has been rejected by some of Europe’s most deserving princesses. Cleve’s Anna, from a small German Duchess, is twenty-four years old, and has a secret that she is desperate to keep secret. Henry commissioned his portrait from his court painter, who portrayed him from the most flattering perspective. Obsessed with the beautiful image, Henry is bitterly surprised when Anna arrives in England and he sees her in the flesh. Some find her attractive, but Henry knows she will never love him.

The following is an interesting story of an awkward royal union that had to be stopped somehow. Even when Henry begins to warm his new wife and share his bed, his attention is captivated by one of his maids – Honor. Will he accuse Anna of adultery as he did Queen Anne Bolen and send her to Vara? Or send her home disrespectful with a divorce? Alison Weir takes on a new and amazing look by describing this extraordinary royal wedding from the point of view of bringing Queen, a young woman who had her own hopes and dreams, alone and in fear for her life in a royal court that almost rejected her from the day she set foot on the shores of England. Keep it.

(I think weight and gout might not be as much of a problem for his military potential as the part he started a completely new religion for divorcing a woman, then he killed the woman he divorced so he could marry someone else, tbh! !!!)

5. Catherine Howard, The Scandalous Queen:

In the spring of 1540, Henry VIII was desperate to get rid of his unearthly German queen, Anna of Cleve. A premature old man and sick of forty-nine, with a rising waistline, he casts a loving gaze on a beautiful nineteen-year-old brunette, Katherine Howard. Like her cousin Anne Boleyn, Catherine is the niece of the Duke of Norfolk, the main Catholic counterpart in England, who plans to replace Cleve’s Anna with a good Catholic queen. A flirtatious, eager participant in the life of the court, Katherine easily surrenders to the king’s attention when her ambitious family deliberately pushes her way.

Henry soon becomes besotted and soon blocks Katherine’s virtue. But according to the instructions of his relationship, he got ready for the marriage and the marriage took place just a fortnight after the king’s reunion with Anna was canceled. Henry tells the world that his new bride is a thornless rose, and admires her beauty and qualities, while Catherine rejoices in being queen and her beloved husband showers her with rich gifts: gorgeous gowns, fine jewelry, and a dog in her beloved’s lap. He came to love the sick, obese king, enduring his nocturnal embrace with determination and kindness. If she could conceive a son, her victory would be complete. But Katherine has a past about which Henry knows nothing, and which comes back to haunt her-even when she is in danger again. What happens after this innocent and very wrong girl is one of the saddest chapters in English history.

6. Catherine Parr, sixth wife:

By sending his beloved but cunning young wife Catherine Howard to behead him, King Henry sets his lonely gaze on a more mature woman, a thirty-year-old, twice-widowed Catherine Parer. Aware of her rival, Henry sent her abroad, leaving Catherine with no choice but to become Henry’s sixth queen in 1543. The king no longer fathers the child, but Catherine is satisfied with her three children, Mary, Elizabeth, and the mother. Wishing, Edward.

After four years of marriage, Henry died, leaving the throne of England in the hands of nine-year-old Edward একটি a puppet in the hands of ruthlessly ambitious courtiers এবং and Katherine’s life took a more complicated turn. Excited at this new opportunity to marry her first love, Catherine does not realize that Sir Thomas now sees her as a mere stepping-stone to the throne, her eyes actually setting on the bed and marriage of fourteen-year-old Elizabeth. The princess is innocently flattered by his attention, lets her go to her bedroom, shocked by her family. The result is a complex story of love and struggle for power, ending Henry VIII’s dramatic and violent reign.

That man was a handful. We have a dish set to give away!

The task: As usual, I will randomly select the winner. To enter, please answer the following question: By magic, you will have time-travel and body-swaps in the lifetime of one of the wives of Henry VIII. This shuffle will happen at some point during their marriage or marriage to Henry, but you never know When Precisely – with the utmost caution that you will not be there for the exact moment of their death (or that things will get too complicated for you to change). You will spend three days in this body, oh They Spend three days Yours Who do you switch with? (For example, Ann may be thrilled, but what is she going to do when you’re out ?! Although it can be valuable!)

Rules: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9pm on Friday Pacific time. FYI, if you comment here for the first time, the system will automatically prompt you to moderate the comment, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. (Open to US readers only; courtesy of the publisher. We use affiliate links like Amazon.)

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