GFY Giveway: By its own design, by Piper Hooghly

I’m so excited to present Piper Hooghly’s new novel, By her own design: a novel by Anne Lowe, Fashion Designer to the Social Register. (If you’re not familiar with Ann Lowe, we talked about her when I wrote about JFK and Jackie’s wedding!)

Anne Lowe, a black woman and granddaughter of a slave, tells the incredible story of how Jackie Kennedy rose above personal struggle and racial prejudice to design and create America’s most famous wedding dress of all time.

1953, New York City

Less than a week before the Social Wedding of the Year, where Jacqueline Bouvier will marry John F. Kennedy, a pipe bursts in Anne Lowe’s clothing store and destroys eleven dresses, including expensive wedding dresses, a dress that will be judged by thousands. A black designer who has fought every step of the way, Ann knows that it is only a struggle after their lifetime. She and her seamstresses will find ways to recreate dresses. It may take all day and all night for the next week to get the job done, but they will.

1918, Tampa

Growing up in Jim Crow Alabama, Ann learned the art of sewing from her mother and her grandmother, a former slave who is the most talented semester in the state. After fleeing with an elderly man at the age of twelve who soon proves himself to be an abusive alcoholic, his dream of becoming a famous designer seems to be stuck. But then a wealthy Tampa socialite sees Ann’s talent and gives her an amazing opportunity সেল the opportunity to sew and design clothes for the elite of Florida society. With her young son in the middle of the night, Ann escapes her husband and embarks on a lifelong adventure.

Based on the true story of one of the most famous designers of the twenties and sixties who has been unjustly forgotten, By Her Own Design is an unforgettable novel of determination in spite of countless obstacles and a victory celebrated by the world.

You are going to love this book! We have a copy to give.

The task: As usual, I will randomly select the winner. To enter, share your favorite famous wedding gown.

Rules: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9pm on Friday Pacific time. FYI, if you comment here for the first time, the system will automatically prompt you to moderate the comment, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. (Open to US readers only; courtesy of all publishers. We use affiliate links like Amazon.)

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