GFY Giveway: This Impossible Things: A Novel by Salma El-Wardani

I am very excited to read this novel, which was published on 7th June (This is an authorized link from Amazon.)

Love, Sex, Faith, and One Night That All Changed is a razor-sharp debut novel by three best friends.

It has always been Malak, Kees, and Jenna against the world. From infancy, under the watchful eye of their parents, aunts and uncles, they have learned to live their own lives, in addition to expecting to be good Muslim women. Being in a boyfriend’s place disguises the best friend’s sleep disguise, and fatigue can be attributed to study rather than partying. They know they exist in a perfect moment. As love and life increase with age, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate the delicate balance between rebellion and religion.

Malak wants the dream: to happily coexist with her partner, community and faith, and she wants it so much that she is willing to break her own heart to get it. Kiss falls in love with Harry, a white Catholic man his parents will never know. When she offers, she has to decide between her future happiness and her familiar life and the family of her choice. Jenna is the life of the party, always ready for new joys, though she can’t shake when she’s lonely. Through all this, they were always with each other. But as their college years draw to a close, everything changes once the hard truth is revealed overnight.

When their lives begin to take a different turn, Malak, Kiss and Jenna এখন now on their way to becoming true adults হবে have to return to each other to reconcile faith, family, and tradition with their own needs and aspirations. This is an impossible thing A poon for youth and female friendship এবং and for all the joy and unrequited love.

The task: As usual, I will randomly select the winner. To enter, share your favorite book about friendship.

Rules: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9pm on Friday Pacific time. FYI, if you comment here for the first time, the system will automatically prompt you to moderate the comment, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. (Open to US readers only; courtesy of all publisher awards.)

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