Goldie Hann’s grandson has reached a new milestone, according to mother Kate Hudson

Every parent is amazed at how fast their children grow up and celebrities are no exception. Kate Hudson Her son Ryder recently took to Instagram to express his shock that he was old enough to vote.

Hudson recalls his son voting for the first time

“First voting cycle with my adult son …. whaaaa ?!” Hudson captioned a selfie of the two of them. Both mother and son are displaying their “I voted” stickers Hudson’s followers have filled in the comments with their own thoughts about your child growing up.

“Omji is crazy,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “Congratulations. It’s a great feeling to vote with your kids. “Others have written about how young Hudson looks, especially for an adult boy.

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“Looking too young for an adult boy?” Someone wrote. “You must have been 10 when you got him!” Another commented, “Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to vote with your ‘adult’ kids?”

History of Hudson’s relationship

Ryder, aged 18, is the son of Hudson with Black Crowe frontman Chris Robinson. The couple married in 2000 but divorced in 2006. Robinson cited “inconsistent differences” as the cause of the divorce filing split.

Robinson and Hudson are still in good shape, and the former couple reunited to celebrate another big milestone in their son’s life: his high school graduation. “Today was a great day for our family,” Hudson captioned a photo of himself and Robinson with his hands around Ryder. “The day you talk about your kids getting younger and say ‘Hey, one day it will be 2022 and you graduate from high school!’ As if that day could not be found so far away. And then we’re here! “

After her marriage to Robinson, Hudson became engaged to Muse Frontman Matt Bellamy in April 2011. They welcomed their son Bingham later that year, but their relationship ended in 2014.

Hudson is currently engaged to Danny Fujikawa, a musician, actor and co-owner of a record company. The two have known each other since Hudson’s 23 years; Hudson’s two best friends are his half-sisters. In 2018, the couple welcomed a daughter, Queen Rose. They announced their engagement in September last year.

From high school graduation to first-time voting, Hudson marks all sorts of growing up events with his eldest son, and his fans who are also parents can relate to the feelings.

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