Here’s why you don’t feel hydrated even after drinking water all day

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For the past five years, “Drink more water” has been my New Year’s resolution. And every year, I come back to the water ratio from 5: 1 coffee in February. Despite knowing that I was chronically dehydrated, I could not get into the habit of hydrating.

Then, I finally found the right portable canteen for my taste (humble boast). But though I. Thoughts I was chugging enough water, I still felt dehydrated.

I wasn’t just thirsty; I was still angry, irritable and excited. My skin looked dull, felt dry and failed the regular TikTok dehydration test (last polite boast).

Not wanting to believe that all my work was in vain, I reached out to the experts. And obviously, it is surprisingly common to feel thirsty even after drinking water all day.

Too much is a good thing

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As it turns out, it takes longer to rehydrate than to increase your water intake. When I started drinking more water I did not change any other diet, which was my first mistake.

Hydration and electrolyte balance go hand in hand. And when the water To be able to Being a source of mineral-based electrolytes, too much of it can do more harm than good. “Cells need electrolytes and fiber to absorb water,” explains Dr. Madthupalayam Madhankumar of the clinic.

“If we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, our electrolytes can be flushed with water. This triggers the thirst response and forces you to drink more water, which makes the electrolytes more liquid, ”says Dr. Madhankumar.

To make up for lost

Honestly, I know my limits. I can change so many lifestyles at once. And right now, my focus is to keep my water eating up. Until it becomes second nature, one will have to wait for a picture-perfect, production-filled food.

Fortunately, there are other ways to replenish your body’s electrolytes – one of them is electrolyte powder, says registered dietitian and certified nutritionist Radha Elmardi. “There are a variety of electrolyte powders available, containing only sodium, potassium and chloride and additional minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc.”

“Both types are safe to consume in moderation,” Elmardi continued. “But keep in mind that some electrolyte powders are more concentrated than others. So, if you take a certain amount of powder in large quantities, you may want to start with a smaller dose and work your way up.”

Natalie Smotkin, Certified Nutrition Therapist and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, recommends Trace Mineral Concentration Drops.

Concentrate trace mineral drop
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Full-spectrum sources of trace minerals include magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfate, lithium and boron. It replenishes your body’s electrolyte levels, such as a plate full of vegetables and without a few hours of clean-up.

Other ways to stay hydrated

“The ideal amount of water to drink is your body weight per ounce of water in pounds,” says Rory Weisberg. Your favorite food: the one that loves you back. So, if you weigh 170 pounds, you should drink 170 ounces of water.

Most water canteens contain 24-40 oz liquid, this is a pretty long order. Adding electrolyte powder or drops to your canteen will allow you to drink seven refills of your canteen without completely flushing your system.

And help remind yourself to refill your canteen Again, Health expert and founder of, Janet Coleman, suggests visual or auditory sources. Visual reminders may include “charts that show how much water we drink each day,” Coleman said.

Water tracking canteens such as these leak-proof, no-sweat bottles from Hydresy work to estimate your water intake monitoring. It is available in a number of eye-catching colors, including Rose Gold, Aqua and Berry Blue, with or without straws.

Leak-proof no-sweat hydresi water bottle

“Another way to spread awareness is through vocal prompts, such as when a beep or alarm goes off on a smartphone when it’s time to wake up and get some more water,” Coleman continued.

Regardless of your preferred hydration strategy, it is essential to maintain your electrolyte levels through diet or a full-spectrum supplement. This way, you can enjoy everything Positive Side effects of drinking plenty of water নয় not just frequent trips to the bathroom.

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