‘Homesick’ Prince Harry admits ‘feeling out of place’ in California, sketches

Is Prince Harry Thinking of returning to the UK? A tabloid cover story claims that the Duke is not satisfied with his life in California. Here’s what we know.

Does Prince Harry think ‘abandonment was a big mistake’?

Per New ideas, Prince Harry is not living in the California dream that he and Merkel set out for. “Harry still finds America and its ways quite foreign,” admits one insider. “He is concerned about the more prevalent social problems here, including gun violence. He spends most of his time in London trying to recreate his life, including begging a few friends left in the community to meet him. “

The magazine noted that Harry’s old friend Charlie Van Straubenge recently paid a visit to the Duke. And shortly before that, Princess Eugenie flew across the pond to see her cousin. “Harry wants to go for a pint at a pub with his friends, but it’s impossible in Santa Barbara, where he will be recognized immediately,” lamented Tipster.

Finally, sources note that Harry’s upcoming memoir – previously scheduled for release this year – has no release date. Snitch remarked, “What this tells us is that Harry may finally feel some remorse for moving to the city with his family in the last few years.” “[The royal] That’s what the family hopes will happen. “

Is Prince Harry desperately ‘trying to recreate’ his London life?

Such reports incredibly disprove Prince Harry’s own words. In California, anonymous insiders have droned about how much Harry hates his life with Meghan Merkel, indicating the opposite of what Harry does. For example, during a meeting with Today in April, Harry told Hooda Cotb, “For me, home now, for now, in the state and it feels the same way.” And in more recent news, Harry and Merkel must have looked fascinated with each other at a recent polo match near their Santa Barbara home.

Additionally, there is a simple explanation of why Sussex is seeing a spike in British audiences. Some may remember that the royal couple moved to the kingdom in the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic. We’ve reached a point where international leisure travel feels safe again, so it simply means that Harry and Merkel’s friends are crossing their path. And even if Harry feels somewhat homely, we’re sure his two little kids gave him several reasons to love his life in California.

The Magazine on Prince Harry

Of course, we know better than to believe a word New ideas Print about the Duke of Sussex. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Harry was arguing with Prince William over the role of Camilla Bowles in the royal family. The magazine then claimed that William had warned Prince Charles not to allow Harry to meet Queen Elizabeth. And more recently, the publication alleged that Harry was secretly texting Kate Middleton. Obviously, New ideas Prince Harry is concerned that this is not really a reliable source.

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