Hopi Goldberg ‘tasty’ at ‘The View’ audition, demands new memories

A former potential co-host for Scene Has recently released a new memoir detailing her auditioning experience for the show, which includes some “terrible” claims. Hoopi Goldberg. The real housewife of Beverly Hills Star Garcel Beauvais Revealed what happened behind the scenes during the audition with him Scene In his new book Love me as i amAnd says the experience was “cool, friendly, and standoff.”

Garcelle Beauvais unloads new book on The View

In 2015, Scene Rosie O’Donnell’s departure was followed by a co-host shakeup, which led to the search for a new host to replace her. Real housewife Alam Gersell Beauvais was more than happy to toss her hat in the ring for consideration and scored an audition, which she was initially thrilled with. That thrill soon escalated, however, when he arrived at the table to find strength on the set for his turn “contrary to my friendly nature and certainly not what I expected or expected,” he wrote.

Hoopi ‘terrified’ of Goldberg’s behavior

In particular, Beauvais wrote that he was “disappointed” by the behavior of longtime co-host Hopi Goldberg towards talk show producers. “I was shocked and horrified to see how experimental Hoopy was with the Shore producers,” Beauvais recalls. “I was just embarrassed and disappointed. It was weeping! ”

Beauvais lamented the lack of a warm reception, writing, “Here I was the new kid interested in the class and I ran SmackDab in the reality of an uninvited workplace.” He continued, “There was a brief unexpected acknowledgment that I was the co-host to bat that week. No greetings or welcome subtle, just a hey and they continue with [top-of-the-morning] Meeting [with producers]. All right. “The lack of beauty did not stop there.

He went on to add that although he was OK with the camera, he was unsure of how it ended because “nobody” spoke to him or responded after the camera was turned off. On camera wasn’t much better, RHOBH Remember the star. He recalled the feeling that Goldberg and co-hosts Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace “opposed” most of what he had to say during the show, so he changed his strategy.

Conflict with Rosie Perez

Instead of immediately jumping on the bandwagon, Beauvais “will be determined to piggy back whatever they say,” but he noted, “it didn’t work either.” At one point, while he was in the middle of making a point, Beauvais claimed that Perez kicked him under the table, calling it a “you-talking-excessive signal kick!” As described!

He said after the show, Perez came to his off-camera and said, “Girl, you know, I just wanted you to know that you need to keep quiet. I thought you were going to go too far. You know, we have a system here and we I know when the other one is going to talk. So I wanted to keep you from talking too much. ” Code or something? GTFOOH! “

How Beauvais feels about ‘The View’ now

The turned-actress from the Page Six model was caught following her memoir demands, and she insisted that she was “not creating this phenomenon”, adding, “If these stories happen and this is my memoir, then I know about it. Speaking of which, it’s unfortunate because I’m still such a fan and I still record the show. ” In fact, Beauvais said he was partial to Sunny Hostin, called the co-host “great” and praised his co-hosts as “smart.”

He even teamed up with Goldberg in time to get his head around what was in the book. “It simply came to our notice then. He didn’t remember, “Beauvais explained.” But I told her because I didn’t want to go to the movies the way I was scolding her. It’s not my thing. So it was important that she knew it was in my book. We’re all fine now. ” Beauvais did not reunite with Rosie Perez, however, so her feelings about him Birds of prey The star probably hasn’t changed.

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