How a simple broccoli cooking hack gave rise to major controversy

Trending food hacks on social media can be freshly creative, surprisingly simple and sometimes absolutely bizarre. Although they usually have at least one thing in common. Qualifying as a hack should make their hands work much easier. And the new hack involving broccoli does just that.

Instead of cutting off his broccoli stalks before cooking, Steph2302 shows on TikTok that he likes to cook his broccoli. The viral video, which has more than 26.8 million views, shows a pot of boiling water so that the whole head of the broccoli is stuck. Steph2302 then pulls out the whole head of broccoli with the stalk and cuts the flowers in one fell swoop.

Genius or ridiculous? There were so many opinions in the comments.

What is debate?

At first glance, the video seems simple, to the point, and not controversial at all However, commenters weren’t so sure about the hack. Many people seem to be worried about cutting off so much of the stem. (He cuts Super Near the flower, aka dark green part). But others are less concerned with stems and more concerned with cooking methods. So first let’s talk about the trunk.

I’m guilty of throwing away broccoli. I’ll admit it. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that you can peel off rough skin from a stem, cut it off, and use it for a variety of things.

Of course, I still cut off the bottom inch or so. That part is super wood and basically inedible. However, this stem contains one ton of nutrients. Vitamins, calcium, fiber … the list goes on. So, eat those stalks up! And the commenters agree with this sentiment. One simply says, “Although the stem is very good for you.”

Method of cooking

The other part of the video commentators had a problem with the cooking method. Even a nutritionist shouted about how he likes to cook broccoli and there was no way to boil it. “I’m not the biggest fan of this hack,” Lindy Cohen told KidsSpot. If you’ve cooked broccoli so softly that you can cut it with a fork, you’ve definitely cooked a bunch of nutrients like Vitamin E, K, Calcium and Polyphenols. ”

So, how does she like to cook her broccoli? “Instead of boiling, the best way to cook broccoli is to blanch, fry, grill or bake it. Mixing it with olive oil will also help your body absorb nutrients.”

And, there is always steaming, the way I like it – stalks and everything.

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