How much has he paid himself?

It is Prince Harry And Of Megan Merkel The fourth wedding anniversary and we look back at the two wedding dresses of the then newly married Duchess of Sussex and guess what she spent to get the look. Although the total estimated cost for both royal wedding combinations is over $ 3 million, most of it was not paid by Merkel. However, he still contributes a nice penny to achieve his fairy tale look.

How much did Meghan Merkel spend on her wedding dress?

Time flies, doesn’t it? Just four years ago, the world was just learning about Meghan Merkel, Prince Harry’s new bride. The American actress won the heart of the red-haired prince and after a relatively brief love affair, they expressed their love for each other at a worldwide television event. Merkel set foot on the world stage and immediately attracted many royal observers with her sense of style, which was evident in her choice of wedding dress.

The former Suite Jewelry expert Steven Stone has discovered that her two wedding dresses, including her shoes, dress and jewelry, cost an estimated 3,097,525. It’s a jaw-dropping statistic, of course, but the bulk of that hefty price tag comes from Tiara Merkel, who wore it for the occasion. According to many rules surrounding the royal bride, she was allowed to borrow a tiara to wear for the ceremony, and for her special trip down the corridor, Merkel wore Queen Mary’s Bandau tiara, valued at 2,485,000.

Bandiu Tiara of the famous Queen Mary

Windsor, England – May 19: (Editor’s note: Re-broadcast of # 960087582 with alternative crops, May 19, 2018 after their wedding ceremony. (Photo by Aaron Chauhan – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Merkel had four more items, including a $ 149,000 Givenchy ceremony dress and her $ 186,000 Cartier bracelet, which greatly increased the number. One, the gown, we can assume the Duchess bought herself. It’s very expensive, but not as much as she could afford on her salary as a television actress.

The Cartier bracelet, however, was probably a wedding gift from the royal family. They have a deep history of wearing Cartier jewelry for their wedding, during the Queen Elizabeth’s own wedding to the late Prince Philip. We know that Prince Charles gave Merkel Cartier jewelry as a wedding gift, including the $ 4,460 Cartier stud earrings she wore for the occasion, so this is by no means an extension of imagination.

Givenchy dress and shoes for the occasion

Windsor, United Kingdom – May 19: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, moved to Windsor, England on May 19, 2018 from the west gate of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. (Photo by Ben Stansall – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

For the occasion, Merkel also wore a pair of white Givenchy heels that cost about $ 840 (which we can assume she paid for herself) as well as a $ 12,000 wedding band and a $ 150,000 engagement ring given to her by her new husband.

Merkel’s second wedding dress was much less expensive, with the Aquamarine ring, once owned by Princess Diana, being the most expensive item at $ 105,000. Merkel’s two main parts, Merkel’s Stella McCartney evening dress and her white aquagura pumps with blue sole, were also relatively affordable at $ 4,400 and $ 825, respectively.

Swap for Stella McCartney for Honeymoon Gateway

Windsor, United Kingdom – May 19: The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex leave Windsor Castle after their marriage to attend an evening reception at Fragmore House, hosted by the Prince of Wales on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. (Photo by Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

We can assume that Merkel paid for both the dress and the shoes, but she was given a gift of jewelry that carried a tag worth $ 3 million. Thus, it is safe to assume that Merkel spent a total of $ 155,065 on the royal tally of $ 2,942,460 for her wedding appearance. It’s still nothing to sneeze!

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