How to choose the right brush to reduce hair fall

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We all like to have a Luxury Money. But many factors can contribute to a less healthy scalp. Your hair style can be the culprit.

If you have thinning hair, avoid tight, ponytails. It’s the worst culprit. Hot tools such as blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons can open up the hair follicles over time, resulting in dry and brittle strands. Even drying your hair in the wind can cause damage.

Products like shampoos and conditioners can help counteract your hair loss. Virtual Labs, Jennifer Garner’s favorite brand, offers a line of products that can help you rebuild and repair your hair.

But to prevent damage in the first place, make sure you are using the right hairbrush for your hair type. Different brushes are designed for different uses.

Which brush is right for you?

1. Datangler Wet Brush

Hairstyles and uses: Best for separating thin to medium hair.

Wet brush detangler
(Wet brush)

Using a detachable hair tool helps to remove tangles and shed hair which can cause matting, knots and breakage. This tool smoothes the hair follicles, removes hair follicles in the evening, so your wet products run more evenly.

Try the Wet Brush Original Detangler, which gently separates knots and snags while reducing split ends, fractures and pain. Detangler uses exclusive Intelliflex bristles that bend and flex to move knots effortlessly. You don’t have to pull or pull this brush through your hair!

2. Wide-toothed comb

Hairstyles and uses: Best for separating thick, curly hair.

Pattern by Tracy Ellis juice wide tooth comb
(Pattern by Tracy Ellis Ross)

If you have thick, curly or really tangled hair, a wide tooth comb can be a blessing in disguise. A wide-toothed comb has thicker teeth so that more hair goes, which means less friction and less breakage.

The wide-set prongs of the Tracy Ellis Ross pattern help the wide-toothed comb separate wet hair and encourage volume and separation when fluffing dry hair. Curls, coils and tight textures will easily roll through the prongs. The comb is heavy-duty but kind to your fine strands.

3. Thermal brush

Hairstyles and uses: Best for all types, blow drying and styling

Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush
(Olivia Garden)

If your hair is brittle and brittle, a thermal round brush can create smoothness and volume. The distribution of heat allows your hair to take on the shape of a brush. And while heated tools are generally not good for your hair, these heat brushes are one of the safest styling tools out there.

A thermal brush to try is Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush. It has a ceramic-coated barrel that provides quick and good styling for long lasting hair styles when used with a hair dryer. Ion-charged bristles hydrate the cuticle, add shine to your stresses and soften hair and scalp while removing frizz, flyways and static.

4. Soft pork bristle brush

Hairstyles: Best for smoothing short, thin and / or fine hair.

Belula 100% Boer Bristol Hair Brush

The Boer Bristol brush (say three times faster!) Is good for short, thin or fine hair. Bristols distribute the natural scalp oils of your hair more evenly from roots to ends and can remove any dead hair by keeping your hair shiny and smooth.

Using a brush like Belula 100% Boer Bristol Hair Brush can help from the fridge so you can use less styling products. The natural scalp oil of your hair is the best organic anti-freeze treatment. And, natural oils add shine and texture to your locks.

5. Teasing brush

Hairstyles: Of all the types, best for adding volume.

Driver Texas Tees Teasing Brush

Using a teasing brush can add instant volume and body to your locks without the use of extra styling products (read: more frequent washing) or hot tools. Teasing brushes are generally believed to be better than teasing combs because the brushes are softer on your strands.

Keep some omf with your driver Texas Tees Teasing Brush, which is a 50/50 combination of pig and nylon bristle. The Bristol combination pulls the right amount, while the tapered handle allows for easy splitting. The styling brush is designed for teasing, back combing and smoothing hair.

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