‘I was so close to death’

The world is almost lost Jeff Bridges Last year. The Big Lebowski The non-Hodgkins star fought with Covid while receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma. He is opening his mouth about his fight.

From bad to worse

In October 2020, Bridges posted a blog post stating that he was battling lymphoma. A few months later, he unveiled a picture of his now bald head and said he was feeling better. Months went by without any updates before that Hell or high water The star provided an update. That was the good news: her cancer was forgiven. Bad news? He and his wife were hospitalized for more than a month after a fight with Kovid.

“It simply came to our notice then that my immune system had been shot with chemo. My dance with Kovid makes my cancer look like a cake, “Bridge wrote at the time. He recovered after a long hospital stay, meaning Bridges could walk his daughter down the corridor.

Jeff Bridges: I was ‘close to death’

In an interview with Dr. People, The bridge opens about his double illness. He explained that he had “a 12-by-9-inch tumor in my body … like a baby in my body. It didn’t hurt or anything.” She started chemotherapy immediately, and her cocktail worked. “It worked fast,” says Bridge. “That thing just exploded.”

Although his cancer was rapidly declining, all these trips to medical facilities meant that he and his wife came in contact with Kovid. Both ended up in the ICU, and Bridge could not leave the hospital for five months. “I had no defense,” he said. “That’s what chemo does – it takes you away from all your immunity. I had nothing to fight with.”

“My cancer didn’t look like anything,” said Bridge. He was in severe pain and just needed oxygen to roll over. “I was on the verge of death … I was in surrender mode. I was ready to go. I was dancing to my death. “Fortunately for everyone, plasma therapy worked. Bridge soon completed physical therapy and was completely healed.

He is looking forward

Now that his brush with death is in the rearview mirror, Bridges sees it as “a bizarre dream.” The ordeal has given him a new lease in life as well. “My ability to accept and give all my love was simply higher. Everything was raised in the most beautiful way.”

Now, the bridge is back in operation. He is pressing for the FX series The old man, Including Bridges star and an executive producer. He has starred with John Lithgo and Alia Shawkat. The old man Debuted June 16.

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