If Rami Malek is threatened with a breakup by his girlfriend Lucy Boyton

Did Lucy Boynton To give Rami Malek An ultimatum? A tabloid claims that the longtime couple is in a make-or-break moment in their relationship. Let’s check on this Bohemian Rhapsody Co-star

Rami Malek under ‘pressure’ to propose?

This week, They In the report, Lucy Boynton is threatening to release Rami Malek if he does not get serious about their relationship quickly. The actors first hit the set Bohemian Rhapsody In 2018, but sources say Malek is dragging his feet about popping the question. “It’s really annoying, Lucy,” said an intern. “A lot of people she knows are getting married, having kids and this kind of thing, when she realizes that she and Rami aren’t as close to engagement as they were a year ago.”

Tipster added that as Boynton is approaching 30 years of age, he is becoming increasingly impatient for the ring. Snitch whispers, “Lucy’s been trying to be a quiet girlfriend, but she won’t wait any longer.” “He gave Rami an ultimatum – either offer or end their relationship.”

Lucy Boynton giving ‘ultimatum’ to Rami Malek?

While we can’t pretend to have a direct window into Boynton and Malek’s relationship, there are a few reasons we doubt this story. First of all, from what we know about Boynton and Malek’s relationship, we seriously suspect that Malek is dragging his feet about marriage. The actor expressed his love for Boynton in his 2019 Oscar acceptance speech, so he was obviously not afraid of the promise. If they are not married yet, then probably none of them feel too much pressure to do so.

In addition, the outlet is relying on a highly sexist and outdated narrative to sell this story. The tabloids even suggest that Boynton should get married soon because she has reached the age of 30. The world may be like that once, but now the situation is different. Women don’t have to rush to find a husband, and this idea is just offensive.

Finally, it is clear that the relationship between Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek is not in immediate danger. A few months ago, Boynton opened up a bit about why she kept her relationship with Malek so secret. And more recently, the couple was spotted having dinner in New York City. While it is entirely possible that Boynton and Malek will be engaged or even exit in the future – seemingly confirming the tabloid story – these are just two of the ways in which relationships are generally accepted.

More ultimatums from tabloids

Celebrity gossip magazines like a good ultimatum story. And when it comes to dramatic appeal, there is no simple way to pretend to be a tabloid. For example, last year National Investigator Derek Huff’s girlfriend was pressuring him to propose. Then Lifestyle Amelia Hamlin claims Scott has asked Disk to make an offer or they will end up. Next, They Alleged Taylor Swift asked Joe Alvin to make the offer before it was too late. And more recently, All right! Cathy Lee Gifford claims she is pressuring her boyfriend to make an offer as soon as possible. Obviously, a lot of magazines will go along with this narrative even though there is absolutely no evidence to support it.

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