If you follow these tips, facial cupping can safely reduce wrinkles

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Many products claim to reduce instant wrinkles, but rarely survive up to the hype. Those are the ones To do Effectiveness can be costly, aggressive, or both. However, there may be a different solution after all.

Malia Hannah, also known as “The Skin Coach”, recently shared an anti-aging trick on her Instagram that left us speechless. Although we have seen this technique before, it was usually only on the limbs or torso.

Still, his short video seems to speak for itself. So, we started investigating whether this suck trick was successful or just sucked.

Sucking distant wrinkles?

In her recent Instagram post, Hannah used a small handheld suction device in her smile line. His caption explains that a master injector once told him that he would never find filler in these smile lines (or nasolabial folds).

“It can change your smile,” Hannah wrote. “It can be very unnatural to look at, and it can help with gravity and reduce face / eye weight.”

As Hannah uses the suction machine to line her smile, they virtually disappear, leaving a smooth, lineless look.

His technique (and the tool itself) seemed fancy, but you’ve already seen it. This old technique is called cupping and has been around for millennia.

Cupping power

Although there is not much research on this type of therapy, cupping draws fluid into the treated area. The suction power stretches and breaks the capillaries under the skin, which treats the body like an injury.

Cupping is thought to clean pores and release toxins. It is often used for arthritis, high blood pressure, headaches and GI diseases. In the case of hammering, cupping involves a much smaller surface area and tool.

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Face cupping releases lymphatic drainage, reveals firmer skin and reduces wrinkles. Hannah uses LURE Essentials’ glam chic face and body cupping set. The set is currently in short supply on Amazon, but LURE also offers another set designed specifically for the face.

LURE’s Glam Edge-Defining Cup System

LURE’s Glam Face Cupping set has small cupping tools. The small size makes it easy to notice fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, using a small tool can be beneficial for newcomers to cupping to prevent wounds (more on that later).

Different sizes of sets help to address specific facial concerns, from under the eyes to laughter lines to decollete. A cupping treatment takes about five minutes and can be done two to three times a week.

Still, everything comes with a price. Impressive results It may seem like a fountain of youth, but be careful before you dive. If done incorrectly, facial cupping can create the same dark spots as “regular” cupping.

The secret technique of cupping

The LURE Face Cupping set has more than 1,100 five-star reviews on Amazon, but there are also some unhappy customers. However, some negative reviews suggest that these issues are the result of user error.

The real technique of facial cupping is to use these tools in combination with your normal serum and oil. Facial cupping does not negate the need for these products এটি it works synergistically With Them

Facial cupping treatment
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Serums and oils add powerful antioxidants, moisturizers and other heavy-hitting ingredients to your facial massage. They create a smooth surface to prevent unwanted pressure on the facial skin over which cups can glide.

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After all, like any good thing, it’s important not to overdo it. Cupping can reduce wrinkles, or it can leave ugly spots if used too firmly or too long.

Considering how effective this seems to be, it is up to you to decide whether the risk is worth the reward. Not to mention, cupping wounds will heal much faster than Botox.

Fortunately, LURE’s cupping set includes a free digital step-by-step guide and video tutorial. So, you can enjoy smooth skin and less wrinkles without injections, physical reactions, or scary filler accidents.

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